Lieutenant Harry G. Lennard, MM
SAC 1908-1910

Lieutenant Harry Graham Lennard was born in Dundas, Ontario on September 15, 1891, son of Mr. S. J. Lennard of Dundas, Ontario. He attended St. Andrew's College from 1908 to 1910 where he participated in the Cadet Corps.

By 1915 he was working as a business manager when he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 5 August of that year at the age of almost 24. He joined the 20th battalion and sailed for France with them in January 1916.

He was awarded the Military Medal October 11, 1916 Was cut off from the lines with a group of other soldiers with a machine gun; all of them were presumed to be dead. They managed to return with a number of prisoners.

He was in the trenches 15 months without leave before attending the Officer Training Candidate - Canadian Military Schools, at Crowborough Camp Sussex, England. The following March (1917) he was commissioned into the 4th Reserve Battalion and went on to serve at the Canadian Machine Gun Depot at Seaford and later the CMGC Depot in 1918.

Like tens of thousands of other Canadians, he sailed for home in April 1919 and was discharged upon arrival. He died in 1943.

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Military Medal
Military Medal

"For conspicuous service and devotion to duty. During the operations against St. Eloi he (Private Lennard) remained on duty with a Machine Gun, continuously from the 5th-13th April under most hostile fire. 

He assisted in holding the crater when it was being surrounded by the enemy; two were driven by his gun fire and three taken prisoner. "

Awarded as per London Gazette dated 11 October 1916.