Captain G. W. Grant, MC, MD
SAC 1905-1907

Captain Gerald Wallace Grant was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on March 21st, 1891, son of MacCallum C. Grant, Lieutenant Governor (1916-1925) of Nova Scotia. He attended St. Andrew's College from 1905 to 1907 and later became a physician.

Grant claimed to have served as a Staff Sergeant in the Edinburgh University Officer Training Corps Medical Unit and then five months in France with the Royal Army Medical Corps.  

On August 22, 1917 he signed the Officer's Declaration Paper for the CEF (see below) and it appears that he was considered medically unfit for overseas service. The form indicates that he had been TOS (taken on strength) in the Canadian Army Medical Services on 7/11/15 and was serving with 4th Canadian Field Ambulance in France when he was awarded the Military Cross in 1918.

Military Cross
Military Cross
“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty near Vis-en-Artois, August 27/28th, 1918. He was in charge of fifteen squads of bearers, and throughout the whole operations superintended the clearing of casualties under almost continuous fire from the area allotted to him. On the 28th he led his squads in advance of the infantry position, and under machinegun fire succeeded in removing from shell holes several badly wounded men to the collecting post, whence they could be evacuated. He set a splendid example to those under him.”
Awarded as per London Gazette  07/30/19 and Canada Gazette 09/20/19, P16Sup