Colonel Melville S. Gooderham, MiD
SAC 1901-1910
Cadet Commanding Officer 1909-1910

Colonel Melville Stuart Gooderham was born in Toronto, Ontario on August 9, 1891, the third son of Lieutenant Colonel Sir Albert Edward Gooderham and Mary Reford Duncanson and attended St. Andrew's College from 1901-1910. He was a Prefect and served as the Cadet Commanding Officer in his final year. His second cousin Captain Grant Armstrong Gooderham attended St. Andrew's College from 1906-1910.

He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force on September 22, 1914 at Valcartier, Quebec at which time he indicated that he had spent 5 years in the Militia as a member of the Royal Grenadiers. His World War I service included:

  • October 1, 1914 - Can. Contingent - Captain 10th Royal Grenadiers
  • Assistant Adjutant - 15th Battalion
  • September 18, 1916 - 4th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division.

Other relatives who served in WW I included an uncle Lieutenant Melville Ross Gooderham, first cousins Captain Henry Stephen Gooderham, Lieutenant Eric Stanley Gooderham and Alexander Leslie Gooderham (enlisted), second cousin Lieutenant Lyman Edward Gooderham and third cousin George Hamilton Gooderham (enlisted).

After the war he rose to the rank of Colonel.

Melville married first Ruby Warren and second Elsie Billes and had two sons: Major Melville E.W. Gooderham who served with the Canadian Medical Corps in World War II and John Gooderham. Colonel Gooderham died February 20, 1867.

  • Copy of Attestation Paper (National Archives) - Front - Back

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June 1918