Colonel Reginald A. H. Galbraith, OBE
SAC 1907-1915

Colonel Reginald A. H. Galbraith attended St. Andrew's College from 1907 to 1915.

During the First World War he served as a Lieutenant with the Royal Engineers.

He continued his military service with the Militia between the wars. In 1923, the Department of Interior, searching for some reliable and rapid means of communication to cover the vast areas involved in the northland and realizing the possibilities of wireless telegraphy, asked the Defence Department to consider the installation of Army Radio stations, with all expenses to be borne by the Department of the Interior. In 1924, Lieutenant Galbraith was in charge of the party sent to install a relay station in Fort Simpson, North West Territories.

His service in the Second World War is outlined in the OBE citation below.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire
Officer, Order of the British Empire

"This officer of the Permanent Active Militia joined the staff of the Chief Inspector of Arms and Ammunition Department in Quebec in 1936, becoming in 1939 Deputy Chief Inspector of Ammunition (Q), and later Assistant Director of Inspection and subsequently Director of the Signals and Engineering Divisions of the Inspection Board in the United Kingdom and Canada. He has at all times used to the fullest advantage his high military and academic qualifications and has never failed to put duty before any other considerations. This has resulted in a high standard of accomplishment in his divisions with the effect of ensuring that the equipment reaching the services has been of the best possible quality."

Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 15 June 1946 and CARO/6632 dated 17 June 1946.