Brigadier A.E. Duncanson, CBE, DSO, VD
SAC 1902-1907

Major Andrew Eastman Duncanson from WWIAndrew Eastman Duncanson was born in Eureka, California on 14 October 1888 and attended St. Andrew's from 1902 to 1907. He is quoted in Not An Ordinary Place as noting:

"When I look back on the major influences during my six years at St. Andrew's, the headmaster, Dr. Macdonald, would head the list. I remember particularly the Sunday night sermons which were delivered with fervour and reverence."

After graduation he became a Stock Broker, joined the 10th Royal Grenadiers and married Annie Elizabeth with whom he had a son: Andrew. At the time of his attestation, his wife was living in Londonderry, Ireland.

He joined the 13th Battalion, Royal Highlanders of Canada (Black Watch), Canadian Expeditionary Force in Hamilton on 6 May 1915 and went overseas with the 36th battalion in June. Six months later he was appointed adjutant of the battalion and eventually became the Brigade Major of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade in September 1916. He returned to the front the following summer with the 123rd Pioneer battalion and remained with them until after Armistice Day when he was appointed D.A.A.G of the 2nd Canadian Division. He sailed for Canada in May and returned to civilian life.

In peacetime he furthered his career as a stockbroker by founding his own firm, Duncanson, White and Company and sent his son Andrew to St. Andrew's in 1922. He continued to serve in the militia with the Royal Grenadiers and eventually rose to command it from 1930 to 1934.

In 1939 he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Non-Permanent Active Militia and appointed Aide-De-Camp to the Governor General in June 1940. From July to September 1940, he served as the first Commandant of the POW Camp 21 in Espanola. He joined the Canadian Army Active Force on 15 July 1941 and assigned to the Headquarters of Military District #2 and became its D.A.A.G in February. Later that August he was appointed Quartermaster General of the 8th Infantry Division. His promotion to Colonel came in April 1943 along with the position of Commandant of A21 Canadian Ordinance Corps Training Center in Barriefield. In March 1945 he moved on to serve briefly as Headquarters Officer in Charge of Military District #6 before being promoted to Acting Brigadier on 19 July 1945 and appointed Commandant of Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps Longue Point in Montreal. His promotion was made permanent upon his transfer to the supplementary reserve on 21 May 1946.

Now a civilian once more, Brigadier Duncanson joined the brokerage firm of Burns Brothers & Denton Limited in Toronto rising to be Vice-President of Investments.

He died 7 March 1987 at the age of 98.

Commander, Order of the British Empire

"This officer has had a long and honourable career in the Canadian Militia. He was appointed a Lieutenant in the Non-Permanent Active Militia in 1908 and subsequently rose through all the officer ranks to command of his unit, the Royal Grenadiers. During the war 1914-1919 he proceeded overseas with 36 Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 and served in France and Belgium from March 1917 to April 1919. He held various regimental and staff appointments in England and France and was Mentioned in Despatches and awarded the Distinguished Service Order. On demobilization in 1919 he retained the keenest interest in his militia unit and continued to serve until the outbreak of war in 1939 when he immediately again offered his services. He was appointed to the Active Army in 1940 in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and from that time up to the present he has successfully filled numerous important appointments in Canada on the staff and as Officer Commanding the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre and later the Longue Point Ordnance Depot.  Brigadier Duncanson's contribution to his country in peace and war has been most valuable and he is considered worthy of signal honour."
Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 15 June 1946 and CARO/6632 dated 17 June 1946
Dsitinguished Service Order
Distinguished Service Order
New Year Award, 1919. No citation.
London Gazette January 1, 1919; Canada Gazette February 8, 1919


Mentioned in Despatches
Military Cross

Duncanson, Andrew Eastman, Major Mentioned in Dispatches - Central Ontario Regiment awarded as per London Gazette 30706 dated 28 May 1918.


Duncanson, Andrew Eastman, Major Mentioned in Dispatches - Central Ontario Regiment awarded as per London Gazette 31089 dated 28 December 1918


Duncanson, Andrew Eastman, Major Mentioned in Dispatches - Canadian Engineers awarded as per London Gazette 31089 dated 28 December 1918