Private Roy H. Bastedo
SAC 1908-1911

Capt Edward Osler Bath#2365602 Private Roy Harold Bastedo was born May 15, 1895 in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Harold and M. Pauline Bastedo of Toronto, Ontario. He attended St. Andrew's College from 1908-1911. 

He was working as a clerk when he was drafted (under the Military Service Act, 1917) on November 2, 1917 into the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, University of Toronto Training Company.

Roy died while on service February 19th, 1918 of diphtheria (see note below), at age 22 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario (Grave reference: X. Lot 71.) 

Note: Diphtheria is a disease caused by bacteria that is spread by close contact with someone who is infected with diphtheria. Diphtheria causes a thick coating to form in the nose, throat and airway. It can lead to breathing problems, heart failure, paralysis and death. The disease peaked in North America in the early 1920's and has virtually been eliminated due to child vaccination programs.