Colonel John M. Lowndes, QC
SAC 1939-1944
Cadet Commanding Officer 1943-1944

Colonel John M. Lowndes attended St. Andrew's College from 1939 to 1944, becoming the Cadet Commanding Officer in his graduating year.

He later joined the Militia and rose to become the Commanding Officer of our affiliated unit, the 48th Highlanders of Canada from 1964 to 1967.

"As a student at St. Andrew's College I wished to join the 48th Highlanders. The war was on in 1939, and it seemed a natural evolution from the discipline of Cadets and the leadership of Jack Wright to join the 48th.

At the school we were well trained. One of the Masters, Mr. Tudball, was a tower of strength, and a great trainer for our instructional classes in battle craft, gas training with respirators and the obstacle course constructed on the lower playing fields which included crossing shads by rope.

Cadets at SAC provides the skills as a basis to enjoy the "family" of a regiment such as the 48th Highlanders. When I joined up at the age of sixteen, I was already preceded by Old Boys Jim McLeod, Bob Nicholls and brothers David and John Barclay, and our platoon commander, Lieutenant Stewart was also an Old Boy. My grandfather, uncle and son - four generations of our family - have been affiliated with the 48th.

The active army therefore was no surprise - we were ready. Commissioned in 1948, I went back to the 48th to enjoy the tremendous friendships and camaraderie of the regiment.

In interviewing students during the seventies, I found they were looking for more structure and discipline in their daily lives. They were no different than today's men or the men of forty years ago. It's up to each individual to get as much out of something as he puts into his efforts. And for me, without the financial help of the 48th Highlanders, I simply could not have graduated from law school at Osgoode Hall."

Careers in the Forces Part II, The Andrean 1990