H. B. "Bert" Munns, CD
SAC Cadet Staff 1986-1996

Bert MunnsHerbert Albert "Bert" Munns was born in 1922 and educated in England. When the Second World War broke out, he enlisted in the British Army and became a paratrooper. He jumped on D-Day and at the Battle of the Bulge, where he was severely wounded.

In 1948, Bert and his wife Margaret emigrated to Canada and Bert joined the Canadian Army and served as a member of the peacekeeping forces in Gaza and other locations, retiring in 1971.

He then worked at Sears until his retirement in 1985. Not finding retirement to is liking, Bert came to St. Andrew's in 1986 as Quartermaster and Administrator of our Cadet Corps. As Major Geoffrey Smith stated in his eulogy, "Bert was the heart and soul, the backbone of our Corps, the keeper of the flame, the arbiter of what was right and proper."

He died on May 2, 1996 in Newmarket, Ontario.