Cadet LCol Christopher Simpson
Cadet Commanding Officer 2005-2006

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Simpson has been very active in the Cadet program at St. Andrew's College. He has completed his Green, Red, Silver and Gold Stars and attempted the NSCE in 2005.  He has qualified for the Bronze and Silver levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Youth Award Program and hopes to complete his Gold requirements shortly. He has also earned his St. John's Ambulance Standard First Aid qualification.

In 2004, he participated in the Provincial D-Day Parade to Queen's Park in Toronto and in the Homecoming Sunset Ceremony. In Sifton Company he served as the Platoon Warrant for the 2005 Best Platoon and was also the NCO of the Demo Platoon.

In September 2005, Chris was promoted to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Cadet Commanding Officer.

Outside of cadets, Christopher was the Manny Cominsky Memorial Award recipient (01-02), the first Macdonald House Council President (02-03), a Macdonald House Captain (04/05), Grade 11 delegate to the 04/05 Leadership Conference, SAC Community Service Council Vice President (04-05),
He is also very active in sports including U14 Basketball (CISAA Champions), U14 Track & Field (CISAA Champions), U15 Basketball U16 Tennis (x2), U16 Squash (CISAA Champions), Junior Varsity Squash and Varsity Tennis.