Cadet LCol Michael Reid
SAC 1997-2002
Cadet Commanding Officer 2001-2002

Michael attended St Andrew's College for five years and was Co-Head of Ramsey House in his final year. He completed his Gold Star in Grade 12 by self study, while serving as a dedicated and effective instructor with the Green Star program in the fall and winter terms. During the spring he served as the Commander of Ramsey Company and, as such, was the highest ranking Grade 12 in the Corps. 

On several occasions over that year, he quietly accepted additional tasks which he carried out in a competent and effective manner including Master of Ceremonies for Cadets in Concert 2001. He was also a recipient of the Commanding Officer's Commendation. Mike played on the school football and lacrosse teams, was a pianist and on the Honour Roll.

In his final year (2001-2002) Mike was Cadet Commanding Officer and was the first c/CO in several years to be appointed the previous summer during which he held a BHQ meeting. He represented our corps in an area wide senior cadet conference in the fall term and at numerous functions with other cadet corps, contributed many hours of planning and training, suggested several innovations and most effectively led the corps throughout the year. 

After graduating from St. Andrew's, Mike attended the University of British Columbia.