Commanding Officers
And Chief Instructors

These instructors and officers were responsible for the operation and training of the cadet corps in accordance with the authorized programme of the day. Many of them belonged to the branch of the Canadian Army and subsequently the Canadian Forces which was variously know as the Cadet Services of Canada, the Cadet Instructors List and now as the Cadet Instructors Cadre.

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2002- Major Brian McCue, CD
1999-2002  Major John M. Stephens, CD
1990-1999 Major Geoffrey R. Smith, CD
1989-1990 Lieutenant Brian T. Raaflaub
1988-1989 Lieutenant Reinhard Kranz
1987-1988 Captain Alan B. Jackson
1984-1987 Major Ian M. Wilkie
1982-1984 Major Bert Jacques
1979-1982  Major A. Derek U. Inglis
1972-1979 Major Craig T. Kamcke
1965-1972 Major Robert W. Wilson
1949-1965 Major J. Aubrey Holmes
1941-1949 Captain John (Jack) L. Wright - Photo
1938-1941 Lieutenant Geoffrey O'Brian, OBE, AFC (later Air Commodore)
1934-1938 Sergeant-Major Hugget
1933-1934  No information in the Review
1931-1933 Captain C. A. B. Young
1926-1931 Sergeant-Major F. Millican
1922-1926 Lieutenant Alan R. Ramsey (later Lieutenant Colonel) Master-in-Charge
No information in the Review
1920-1922 Lieutenant Alan R. Ramsey (later Lieutenant Colonel) Master-in-Charge
Sergeant-Major Figg
1917-1920 No information in the Review
1916-1917 Mr. Williams/Sergeant-Instructor Smith
1915-1916 Lieutenant John Slatter, 48th Highlanders (Pipe band - Pipe-Major Fraser)
1914-1915 No information in the Review
1912-1914  Sergeant Sinclair
1910-1912 No information in the Review
1908-1910 Sergeant Glover, Royal Canadian Regiment
1907-1908 Captain Taylor
1906 Sergeant James McMahon, Drill and Athletic Instructor.
1905-1907 Sergeant A. R. Hatt, Gordon Highlanders
1902-1905 Grant Cooper Drill instructor