Cadet Commanding
Officers - Since 1906
Deputy Commanding Officers listed below if known

The first #142 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps Inspection was held on May 14, 1906.
* The Cadet CO was also Head Prefect 27 times including 2008
Year Cadet CO
Cadet DCO
1906 c/Lt C. Vincent Massey Later Lieutenant Colonel and Secretary of the War Cabinet in WWI and became the first Canadian born Governor General
1907 Robert J. Gill* Later Captain, 21st Battalion in WWI, awarded Military Cross
1908 W. L. Wood  
1909 H. Bowman  
1910 c/Capt Melville S. Gooderham Later Captain, 4th Infantry Brigade in WWI, and then Colonel
1911 J. W. Bicknell  
1912 J. W. Bicknell  
1913 F. Dudley E. Ross Later Surgeon Probationary Royal Canadian Navy in WWI and Lieutenant Colonel in WWII
1914 H. R. Lindsay Wright Later Lieutenant, Canadian Field Artillery and died in in WWI
1915 Donald F. Cantley* Later Lieutenant, 4th Canadian Siege Battery in WWI
1916 E. E. Soot  
1917 J. W. Taylor* Later Lieutenant, Royal Air Force in WWI
1918 Gordon W. Hewitt  
1919 Gordon W. Hewitt  
1920 C. R. E. Syer* Later Private, Toronto Scottish Regiment in WWII
1921 E. G. Smith*  
1922 J. A. Cameron*  
1923 J. A. Cameron*  
1924 M. G. A. White Later Major, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps in WWII
1925 W. G. W. McMurtry  
1926 W. C. Kirkland  
1927 W. D. Squires*  
1928 K. W. McLandress  
1929 F. B. Crusan  
1930 A. A. Cox  
1931 A. A. Cox  
1932  Robert T. Cattle Later Lieutenant, United States Navy in WWII
1933 T. G. Armstrong* Later Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Artillery in WWII
1934 John D. Perrin Later Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  WWII
1935 John H. Donovan Later Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force and awarded DFC in WWII
1936 I. B. Macdonald Later Surgeon Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve in WWII
1937 A. S. Thompson Later Captain, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada in WWII
1938 J. F. Macdonald* Later ??
1939 H. E. Archibald* Later Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Engineers in WWII
1940 Hugh K. Hamilton, Jr. Later Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force in WWII and then Major, United States Air Force
1941 J. E. "Pat" Davis* Later Captain, Ontario Tank Regiment in WWII - Photo
1942 Bernard M. Milligan Later Lieutenant, Sherwood Fusiliers in WWII
1943 Edward H. Crawford Later Sergeant Navigator in Royal Canadian Air Force in WWII, Reviewing Officer for 1996 Annual Inspection.
1944 John M. Lowndes Later Honorary Colonel, 48th Highlanders.
Reviewing Officer for 1965 Annual Inspection.
1945 Garrison Rapmund* Later Major General, US Army.
Reviewing Officer for 1995 Annual Inspection.
1946 c/Capt L. Joseph Errington*  
1947 Ian D. F. Schofield  
1948 Joseph J. Nold*  
1949 P. J. Errington  
1950 c/Maj Frank D. Moores Reviewing Officer for 1972 and 1999 Annual Inspections
1951 c/Maj Frank D. Moores* Reviewing Officer for 1972 and 1999 Annual Inspections
1952 Charles H. Malcolmson Reviewing Officer for 2002 Annual Inspection
1953 Robert M. Master  
1954 John M. Vaughan Reviewing Officer for 2004 Annual Inspection
1955 Ian A. Purdie Fiftieth Anniversary - Later Lt Col, Commanding Officer of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment (2x) & ADC to Lt Gov of Ont.
Reviewing Officer for 2000 Annual Inspection
1956 T. Alexander Richardson  
1957 John Y. Cowan  
1958 Peter R. C. Dobbin  
1959 Paul K. C. Filotas  
1960 David R. Stamper*  
1961 H. Danby Routledge  
1962 Christopher W. E. Hovey*  
1963 Robert H. Rowan  
1964 John D. Pennal*  
1965 Rodney M. Pash  
1966 George C. Dangerfield  
1967 Patrick N. Nation*  
1968 David M. Whiteside  
1969 R. Scott Joliffe*  
1970 Thomas S. Stephens  
1971 John L. Walker*  
1972 Robin J. Wilkie  
1973 Stephen M. Duggan* Staff Sergeant Metropolitan Toronto Police Force
1974 T. Stuart Rutherford  
1975 Andrew J. Kilpatrick  
1976 Robert G. Kitchen  
1977 Myles H. Pritchard   
1978 John D. Stewart Later Major, Royal Regiment of Canada and Aide de Camp to Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. Reviewing Officer for 1998 Annual Inspection
1979 Michael G. Sifton  
1980 John W. Sedgewick  
1981 c/LCol Paul E. Stanborough Later graduated Royal Military College.
Reviewing Officer for 1997 Annual Inspection.
1982 c/LCol W. Stephen Ardill  
1983 c/LCol J. R. Kingsley Ward
c/Maj G. Scott Nirenberski
1984 c/LCol Ross H. Rossdeutscher  
1985 c/LCol William R. Gaskey  
1986 c/LCol P. Andrew Eide  
1987 c/LCol James W. Plouffe*  
1988 c/LCol Matthew G. Townsend  
1989 c/LCol P. Christopher Mantrop  
1990 c/LCol Michael S. Smith  
1991 c/LCol Chris E. G. Mitchele
c/Maj Robert B. Hobbs

Later Captain with Royal Canadian Regiment
1992 c/LCol Matthew H. Chisholm
c/Maj Allan R. Best

Later Lieutenant with 48th Highlanders
1993 c/LCol Sean K. McGrath
c/Maj Stephen J. Heron
1994 c/LCol John C. Delfin*
c/Maj Shawn E. Christie
1995 c/LCol Geoff Cattrall
c/Maj Eric R. Borotra
90th Anniversary
1996 c/LCol Julian M. Hall
c/Maj Kam C. Chan
1997 c/LCol Timothy A. Jackson*
c/Maj Mark D. Newton
1998 c/LCol Jason A. Bibby
c/Maj Ronald Cruz
1999 c/LCol Daniel A. Wells
c/Maj Kent K.K. Tsui
2000 c/LCol Ryan J. Brandham
c/Maj Iain D. Myrans
2001 c/LCol Jason Wong
c/Maj Andrew F. Martin
2002 c/LCol Michael C. Reid
c/Maj Pablo Sanders
2003 c/LCol Mitchell W. J.  Myers
c/Maj Brent R. Brandham
2004 c/LCol Justin Wong
c/Maj Christopher P. Attard
2005 c/LCol Matthew P. McIntosh
c/Maj Jared S. Leslie
100th Anniversary,
Freedom of the Town granted by the Town of Aurora
2006 c/LCol Christopher J. Simpson
c/Maj Arthur C. Wong
2007 c/LCol Alexander Y. Sung
c/Maj Gregory T. Van de Mark
2008 c/LCol Dylan Baker
c/Maj Hidetaka Ishii
2009 c/LCol Philip Whitfield
c/Maj Brian King
2010 c/LCol Brad Wood
c/Maj Geoff Ruddock
2011 c/LCol Nick Mulder
c/Maj Zac Swierad
2012 c/LCol Michael Sifton
c/Maj Ben Collis
2013 c/LCol Scott Wood
c/Maj John Sandham
2014 c/LCol Alec Mulder
c/Maj Alex Auger
Brothers of Nick (CO 2011)