48th Highlanders - Full Dress UniformOur Affiliated Unit:
The 48th Highlanders of Canada
Dileas Gu Brath - Faithful Forever!

Regimental Facts:

  • Motto: Dileas Gu Brath 
  • Official Abbreviation: 48 HIGHRS
  • Battle Honours: 49
  • Order of Precedence: 30
  • Regimental March Past: Highland Laddie (click for a mid version)
  • Regimental Tartan: Davidson
  • Pipers Tartan: Stuart of Fingask
  • Regimental Headquarters: Moss Park Armouries, Toronto
  • Current Commanding Officer: LCol John McEwen, CD

Interested in joining the Reserves as a member of our affiliated unit, the 48th Highlanders of Canada?

48th Uniforms Over Time

  1. Full Dress - 1893
  2. Drill Order - 1910
  3. Service Dress - 1916
  4. Battle Dress (Summer Order) - 1943

Links to the 48th Highlanders

48th Commanding Officer LCol Ian Sargeant and c/LCol Mitch Myers at the 2003 Annual Inspection