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The sport chosen for the Canada FIRST competition for 2001 was Robobiathlon.   Many of the participants came into the competition knowing nothing about robots, but after dividing individuals into groups and attending many meetings, we were able to learn and become experts in our own fields.  Using the kit provided by Canada FIRST, we were able to create a robot that moves, fires and aims.

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The Robot
Here are some pictures taken of SEK-C (Saint Andrew's Electronic Kinetic Control) Robot.

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Here's Sek-C on a testing run at Centenial College. This was taken the night near the pits during the times before the heats.

Sek-C competiting on the race floor. Sek-C just finished the course, and is ready to trip the trigger and load it's ammunition of squash balls.

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Sek-C at the firing range ready to shoot targets. The balls were already loaded, and here we are firing at the target board. We were the first to arrive at the finish line in this heat!

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The Design
The following pictures are of a Lego mock-up created by students on their own accord as a design demonstration.



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Top Side View

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Front View


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Side View

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Inside View


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