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Training & Qualifications

Pipe and Drum Training

Pipe and Drum training includes small group/individual instruction for all participants either on Thursday afternoons or at other times as scheduled by the Director of Piping and Drumming. This instruction is generally provided by the Director of Piping and Drumming . 

Those cadets who are interested in studying the bagpipes as their instrument for a school music credit should speak to Mr. McGillivray when signing up for your next year's courses (see also Course Credit information below.)

Band practices are also conducted on Thursday afternoons for those members of the Pipe and Drum Band which includes military drill and ensemble instruction.

Pipe and Drums Photo - Drum Major Ian Cragg - 1994Piping
All pipers are required to purchase a "practice chanter" for about $75. This amount can be refunded if the cadet returns the chanter when leaving the program.

All drummers are required to purchase a drum pad and pair of drum sticks. This amount can be refunded if the cadet returns the sticks and drum pad when leaving the program.

Cadet Qualifications for Piping and Drumming

For the specific requirements for each Qualification Level, click on the appropriate level.

Ontario Ministry of Education Course Credit - Starting in September 2003, in addition to cadet qualifications, Pipe Band musicians will be able to take advantage of a long-standing Ontario Education Ministry Program designated "AMR3M - Musical Repertoire." The cadet program supports a performing pipe band and learning program and by achieving a standard of performance that allows them to participate in band performances at the Annual Inspection, Cadets in Concert and other Corps functions, the musicians will earn one credit awarded in Grade 11. The course will appear on report cards over three years. During the first tow years students receive a report card comment, and in grade 11 they receive a mark. Please check with Mr. McGillivray for details on how this will be phased in.

Summer School

Check out information on the Ontario College of Piping to be held at St. Andrew's each summer. The College offers instruction in piping and drumming is open to all those interested.