Ranks & Qualification

Cadet Ranks

The structure of our cadet corps is based on a modified Infantry Battalion. Because of the size of our Cadet Corps, we continue to appoint Cadet Officers in addition to the Warrants and Non-Commissioned Officers authorized by the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Organization.

1986 Annual Inspection - Officers before falling in.Our Cadet Officer Ranks include:

  • Cadet Lieutenant Colonel
  • Cadet Major
  • Cadet Captain
  • Cadet Lieutenant
The Royal Canadian Army Cadet Ranks include:
  • Cadet Chief Warrant Officer
  • Cadet Master Warrant Officer
  • Cadet Warrant Officer
  • Cadet Sergeant
  • Cadet Master Corporal 
  • Cadet Corporal
  • Cadet Lance Corporal
  • Cadet/Piper/Drummer/Bandsman
Authority for the Promotion of Cadets
  • The Commanding Officer may promote a cadet who has earned the required qualifications (see below) and demonstrated the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • A vacancy must exist in the Battalion for promotion to sergeant and above.
  • Promotion to Corporal and Lance Corporal will normally be automatic upon completion of the required star qualifications (see below.)
  • Unless the cadet is qualified for the rank (see below), the promotion to a rank to sergeant and above will be in acting rank only.
Appointment of Cadets
  • Cadet appointments for Platoon Warrants and above shall be made by the Commanding Officer. This will normally be done in consultation with other Corps officers and instructors.
  • Officers and NCO's of House Companies will normally be appointed from within their own house, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Consideration for appointments will include:
    • Appropriate qualifications (see table below),
    • Demonstrated interest in a leadership role,
    • Demonstrated leadership abilities in the cadet program and other school activities and sports,
    • House and grade.
  • Platoon Commanders may appoint qualified Corporals or Lance Corporals as Section Commanders with approval of their Company Commander.

Required Qualifications & Normal Employment
Rank Star* Employment

Cadet Officers

Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Commanding Officer
Major Deputy Commanding Officer
Company Commanders
Platoon Commanders
Flag Party Commander

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers

CWOChief Warrant Officer Regimental Sergeant Major
MWOMaster Warrant Officer
Company Sergeant Major
Drum Major
Pipe Major
Warrant Officer Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
Drum Sergeant
Drum Major
Platoon Warrants
Sergeant Section Commanders

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers

Master Corporal Section 2IC's
Flag Party Escorts
Corporal Section 2IC's
Flag Party Escorts
Lance Corporal  
Cadet/Piper/Drummer/Bandsman None

*Where two star qualifications are indicated, they represent the minimum and preferred qualifications.