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National Star Certification Examination Results

March 5, 2006 - Congratulations to Captain Tony Lau, Captain Ben Udashkin and Lieutenant Greg Vandemark for passing Phase 2 of the National Star Test. They joined 102 other Cadets from across Central Ontario at Peel Regional Police Headquarters in Mississauga this weekend to complete their testing which included practical map and compass, drill and classroom instruction and bushcraft.

Commanding Officer's Commendations

March 2, 2006 - Commanding Officer's Commendation certificates were presented to the following cadets at the final training parade of the year. Certificates are presented for the top mark on the final level test in each platoon for Red, Silver and Gold Star.

Platoon 3 – Corporal Clark Rabbior
Platoon 4 – Lance Corporal Conor Scott
Platoon 5 – Cpl Ted Ha (top Cadet in Red Star)
Platoon 6 – Lance Corporal Philip Whitfield
Platoon 7 – Lance Corporal Michael Hale
Platoon 8 – Master Corporal Dylan Baker (Top cadet in Silver Star)
Platoon 9 – Corporal Francesco De Rose
Platoon 10 – Lance Corporal Ryan Kesteris
Platoon 11 – Sergeant Bryan Lin (Top Cadet in Gold Star)
Platoon 12 – Lance Corporal Leke Akinyele
Platoon 13 – Lance Corporal Brian Chan

Company Appointments 2006

March 2, 2006 - Congratulations to the following cadets on their appointments and promotions:

Memorial Company
Captain Gautam Tolani
Lieutenant Justin Lemieux-Reale, Lieutenant BangLiang Zhao
Master Warrant Officer Eric Cumming
Warrant Officer Karl McCartney, Warrant Officer Rudy Allen

Sifton Company
Captain Tyler Munro
Lieutenant Jesen Tanadi, Lieutenant Johnny Lin
Master Warrant Officer Justin Quinton
Warrant Officer Leke Akinyele, Warrant Officer Adrian Wu

Flavelle Company
Captain Matthew Eaton-Kent
Lieutenant Meher Sandhu, Lieutenant Jason Ng
Master Warrant Officer Kiko Halaliku
Warrant Officer Darryl Shen, Warrant Officer Kyle Bergman

Smith Company
Captain Scott Johnstone
Lieutenant Murray Kay, Lieutenant Blake Muir
Master Warrant Officer Taylor Campbell
Warrant Officer Julian Benhaim, Warrant Officer Sameer Gulamani

Laidlaw Company
Captain Ben Udashkin
Lieutenant Logan Hurst, Lieutenant Dean Hamann
Master Warrant Officer Maguid Nicholas
Warrant Officer Julian Kim, Warrant Officer Tyler Ehler

Ramsey Company
Captain Tony Lau
Lieutenant David Kanhai, Lieutenant Greg Vandemark
Master Warrant Officer Robert Martini
Warrant Officer Viren Ratnaswami, Warrant Officer Chad Davis

Training Company
Captain Brandon Richards
Lieutenant Martin Lee, Lieutenant Nirushan Thambirajah
Master Warrant Officer Pierce Cassidy
Warrant Officer Jeff Lui, Warrant Officer Tyler King

Flag Party
Lieutenant Paul Ross
Second Lieutenant Spencer Higgs, Second Lieutenant Michael Lara
Sergeant Christian Kieller, Sergeant Brett Lagerquist

Pipes and Drums for Prostate Cancer Research

September 18, 2005 - Hundred of pipers and drummers gathered from around Ontario on Sun Sept 18th, to march through the streets of Toronto to show support for Cancer Research. The parade began at Nathan Phillips and finished at Queens Park where his Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario addressed the crowds. Following the parade, our Pipers and Drummers gathered in the private chambers for a photo shoot with the Lieutenant Governor and were treated to a small reception.

Well Done to the Pipes and Drums for a fine showing!

Opening Assembly Training Remarks

September 15, 2005 - By Cadet Major Arthur Wong, Deputy Commanding Officer

"Good afternoon Andreans of the 142 St. Andrew’s Highland Cadet Corps,

Cadets has been a major part of school life since 1905 where every student is expected to participate in the program in one way or another. The corps training program runs throughout the year and its aims are to teach the star programme, conduct optional training opportunities, prepare for our Annual Inspection, and to encourage all cadets to participate in citizenship activities, physical fitness and to develop leadership knowledge and skills.

The Army Cadet star training levels teaches and practices the minimum skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the training objectives of army cadets. The programme is divided into five levels: Green Star, Red Star, Silver Star, Gold Star and Platinum Star. The Green Star program is designed for Grade 8s and is the first year of training in which cadets will be taught the basics and what it’s like to be a cadet. The Red Star program is designed for Grade 9s and involves the development of basic cadet knowledge. The Silver Star program is designed for Grade 10s and concentrates on the development of leadership and basic teaching skills. The Gold Star program in which Grade 11 cadets will perfect their instructional abilities and move into a leadership role. The Platinum Star is a newer program that allows Grade 12 students to take on leadership roles and provide training support for the Green, Red, Silver and Gold Star levels. Also, for those who wish to excel in their Star level training, we encourage you to challenge yourself in the National Star Certification Exam.

The Cadet program also provides optional cadet programmes for students to excel in certain skills. The corps offers the Pipes and Drums Training and Band program conducted by Gold Medallist Jim McGillivray and the Cadet Military Band under the direction of Captain Ringler and Ms. Chasson. We also offer extra programs such as Rock Climbing, SCUBA, Driver Education, First Aid, Marksmanship, Quartermaster’s Store staff, and the world renown Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Whether you are on parade, on an expedition, setting up a tent or playing the bagpipes you will all be placed in positions of responsibility and we hope that you gain valuable life skills, knowledge of yourself, and an awareness of your environment.

The Cadets program encourages the development of four core values; Loyalty, Professionalism, Mutual Respect, and Integrity.

I leave you with a quote from air cadet Tara Grisdale from the 826 Gryphon Squadron in Dundas, Ontario:

"Cadets has taught me a lot. I’ve been shaped so much. It has taught me leadership and to finish what I have set out to do. It has been a personal journey where I have been enlightened to a higher level."

I encourage all of you to get involved and participate in as many programs as possible so that when you are in your final year you don’t look back and regret that you missed out on the large variety of opportunities.

Thank you."

Senior Leadership Course

September 12, 2005 - Cadet Corps kicks off 101st year with Senior Leadership program. The new Staff Cadet Instructors worked with Major McCue, Mr Ramon, Mr Service and guest instructor Kris van Wissen for a day of leadership training and theory.

Art of Facilitation, Effective Communication and Command Tasks were incorporated into some fun on the low ropes course. In the afternoon, the Staff Cadets reviewed the upcoming course training calendars and had a skills review to ensure they were up to speed.

A very successful start to what will be a very successful year.

Senior Cadet Appointments for 2005-2006

September 15, 2005 - Congratulations to the following on their promotions and appointments:

Battalion Headquarters Staff
Cadet Commanding Officer:
 Lieutenant Colonel Chris Simpson
Cadet Deputy Commanding Officer: Cadet Major Arthur Wong
Cadet Adjutant: Cadet Major Gordon Lee
Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Alex Sung

Cadet Senior Course Instructors
Green Star: Acting Lieutenant B. Richards
Red Star: Lieutenant T. Munro
Silver Star: Lieutenant S. Johnstone
Gold Star: Lieutenant T. Lau
Platinum Star:  Lieutenant M. Kay
Marksmanship: Acting Lieutenant G. Tolani

Staff Appointments for 2005-2006

September 15, 2006 - The Commanding Officer is pleased to announce the following staff appointments for the 2005-2006 training year:

Corps Headquarters
Commanding Officer:
Major B. McCue CD
Deputy Commanding Officer: Captain J. Connery CD
Adjutant: Captain M. Burton
Training Support Officer: Lieutenant G. Reid
Supply Officer: Mr Brian Richardson

Course Officers
Green Star: Lieutenant S. Millar, Lieutenant R. Giel CD
Red Star: Major B. McCue CD, Civilian Instructor M. Service
Silver Star: Captain V. Steeves CD, Civilian Instructor K. Ramon, Civilian Instructor F. Cowell
Gold Star: Captain J. Connery CD, Civilian Instructor D. Hamilton
Platinum Star: Civilian Instructor A. Perrier
Cadet Band: Captain D. Ringler CD, Ms S. Chasson
Pipes and Drums: Officer Cadet J. Inglis, Mr J. McGillivray
Optional Programs: Civilian Instructor M. Jones

Company Promotions and Appointments

March 7, 2005 - Congratulations to the following promotions and appointments:

Flavelle Company
Captain Malek Smith
Lieutenants Kit Milnes & Robbie England
CSM Thaine Carter
Warrant Officers McKenzie Willson & Brock Buckley

Memorial Company
Captain Sean Dinsmore
Lieutenants Jay Smith & Nick Wong
CSM Marko Kovacevic
Warrant Officers Will Mulock & Gautam Tolani

Sifton Company
Captain Matt Whiteland
Lieutenants Gordon Lee & Vincent Wong
CSM Mark Ryan
Warrant Officers Chris Simpson & Tyler Munro

Training Company
Captain Mark Hanson
Lieutenants Paul Fell & Duncan Giel
CSM Brian Daly
Warrant Officers Arthur Wong & Tony Lau

Laidlaw Company
Captain Jonathan MacKenzie
Lieutenants Devon Daniell & Rob Iaccino
CSM Steve Pryce
Warrant Officers Braden King & Alex Calvert

Ramsey Company
Captain Sinclair Bean
Lieutenants Clinton McCullough & Omair Rahman
CSM Eric Tozzi
Warrant Officers Michael Genin & Richard Oosthuizen

Smith Company
Captain Anthony Buonaiuto
Lieutenants Sohaib Siddiqui & Ryan Bryce
CSM Ryan Marek
Warrant Officers Scott Johnstone & Murray Kay

Flag Party
Commander: Lieutenant Ryan Reynolds
Flag Bearers: Second Lieutenants Craig Sherry & Jordan Ekers
Escorts: Warrant Officer Alex Sung & Rudy Allen

Senior Cadet Appointments for 2004-2005

September 28, 2004 - Congratulations to the following promotions and appointments:

Cadet Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Matt McIntosh
Cadet Deputy Commanding Officer: Major Jared Leslie
Cadet Adjutant: Major Jeff Hynds
Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Rob MacKay

Green Star Team
Senior Instructor: Lieutenant Sinclair Bean
Course Instructors: Warrant Officers Duncan Giel, Vincent Wong, Steve McGill, Malek Smith, Jordan Ekers, Aldis Sung, Craig Sherry, Lee

Red Star Team
Senior Instructor: Lieutenant Ryan Bryce
Course Instructors: Warrant Officers Jay Smith, Kit Milnes, Robbie England, Devon Daniell, Paul Fell, Richard Oosthuizen, Mark Hanson, Rob Iaccino  

Silver Star Team
Senior Instructor:  Lieutenant Jon Mackenzie
Course Instructors: Warrant Officers Eric Tozzi, Michael Genin, Mckenzie Willson, Ryan Marek, Steve Pryce, Mark Ryan, matt Whiteland, Brock Buckley

Gold Star Team
Senior Instructor: Major Jeff Hynds
Course Instructors: Warrant Officers Anthony Buonaiuto, Sean Dinsmore, C. McCullough, Sohaib Siddiqui.

Platinum Star Team
Senior Instructor: Chief Warrant Officer Rob MacKay
Sgt Ryan Reynolds

Former SAC Pipe Majors Compete in Scotland

August 28, 2004 - Congratulations to our 2002/03 and 2003/04 Pipe Majors, Andrew Douglas and Matthew Mitchell. They competed in "The MacGregor", the world's premier piping competition for pipers age 21 and under, held last week at The Argyllshire Gathering in Oban, Scotland.  Andrew won the competition and Matt placed fourth.  Andrew also won one of the more significant professional piping events that day as well.  This followed hot on the heels of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band placing a strong 2nd at the World Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow.  Andrew currently plays with the SFU band, and Matt joins the band this fall.

The photo of Matt and Andrew taken at the harbour in Oban shortly after the competition

SAC Cadets Perform in Scottish National Youth Pipe Band

August 15, 2004 - Congratulations to Pipe Sergeant Nick Leslie and Matthew Browning, who on Monday, August 9 performed with the Scottish National Youth Pipe Band in its annual gala concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland.  The two pipers practised intensely with the band for two weeks leading up to the show after having spent the summer learning new material.  

The S.N.Y.P.B. draws the best teenage pipers and drummers from across the British Isles to participate in the concert project, run by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and The Piping Centre.

The concert is the first major event during the Piping Hot Festival leading up to the World Pipe Band Championships on August 14 on Glasgow Green.  This marks the first time Canadian pipers have been invited to perform with the S.N.Y.P.B.

For more information, go to:

Provincial 60th Anniversary D-Day Memorial Parade and Service

June 7, 2004 - A hearty thank you and congratulations to the 60 cadets that volunteered their Sunday afternoon to take part in the Provincial D-Day Memorial Parade and Service at Queen's Park in Toronto.

Nearly 2000 Cadets and Reservists paid tribute to the veterans who fought on Juno Beach, June 6th 1944. The sight of our scarlet tunics and Gordon tartan kilts marching down to the sound of our pipes and drums brought tears to many of the veterans that were in attendance.

The other Cadets certainly were in awe of our Corps. Well Done!

Annual Inspection Awards and Presentations

May 1, 2004 - Congratulations for the following achievements:

Award Recipient Presented by
Duke of Edinburgh's
Silver Award
Jonathan McKenzie His Worship
Tim Jones,
Mayor of Aurora
Best Grade Eight Cadet LCpl Colin Noble Capt Norm Pope, CO 48 RC(Army)CC
J. L. Wright Trophy,
Best Upper School Cadet
Lt Matt McIntosh Major McCue
H. L. Crowe Trophy for Marksmanship Sgt James Chiang Major McCue
Aubrey M. Foy
Piping Prize
Mark Jenkins Michael Foy
to Drum Major
WO Sang-Chul Yoon WO C. Reesor,
D/M 48th Highlanders
of Canada
to Pipe Major
CWO Matt Mitchell Mr McGillivray
Presentation to Band Officers Lt Jeremy Springer, MWO Ryan Luther Ms Chasson
Presentation to the RSM CWO Ricky Reininger D/M Reesor
Presentation to the DCO Maj Chris Attard Brian Armstrong
Presentation to the Adjt Maj George Si Col King Ward
Presentation to the CO LCol Justin Wong LCol Ian Sargeant
Ellsworth Trophy
for Best Platoon
7 Platoon -
Lt Terry Belgrave
Best Company Memorial -
Capt Taylor Irving & MWO Louis-David Lord
Presentation to
Reviewing Officer
Mr John Vaughan '54 Major McCue

Senior Company Appointments for 2003-2004

March 8, 2004 - Congratulations to the following promotions and appointments:

Cadet Regimental Sergeant-Major - Chief Warrant Officer Richard Reininger

Laidlaw Company
Company Commander - Captain Eric Bornstein
Platoon Commanders - Lieutenant David Oram, Lieutenant Rahim Damji
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Andrew Carnovale
Platoon Warrants - Warrant Officer Chris Bromley, Warrant Officer Jonathan Mackenzie

Smith Company
Company Commander - Captain Cody Biggings
Platoon Commanders - Lieutenant Rob Ferguson, Lieutenant Austin Smith
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Andrew Brankley
Platoon Warrants - Warrant Officer Jeff Hynds, Warrant Officer Anthony Buonaiuto

Ramsey Company
Company Commander - Captain Shawn Jolly
Platoon Commanders - Lieutenant Justin Lyons, Lieutenant Adam Bucci
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer David del Zotto
Platoon Warrants - Warrant Officer Eric Tozzi, Warrant Officer Sinclair Bean

Flavelle Company
Company Commander - Captain Zameer Pirani
Platoon Commanders - A/Lieutenant Terry Belgrave, Lieutenant David Lau
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Robert Mackay
Platoon Warrants - Acting Warrant Officer Nick Sachewsky, Warrant Officer Malek Smith

Sifton Company
Company Commander - Captain Matthew Middleton
Platoon Commanders - Lieutenant Charles Lai, Lieutenant Steve Brooks
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Jalil Teja
Platoon Warrants - Warrant Officer Alex Bacardi, Warrant Officer Tomi Jun

Memorial Company
Company Commander - Captain Taylor Irving
Platoon Commanders - Lieutenant Adam Ford, Lieutenant Morgan Lin
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Louis-David Lord
Platoon Warrants - Warrant Officer Eric Lucking, Warrant Officer Will Mulock

Training Company
Company Commander - Captain Faisal Ratansi
Platoon Commanders - Lieutenant Matt McIntosh, Lieutenant Jared Leslie
Company Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Darryl Stock

Military Band
Band Officer - Lieutenant Jeremy Springer
Band Sergeant-Major - Master Warrant Officer Ryan Luther

Pipes & Drums
Pipe Major - Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Mitchell
Drum Major - Warrant Officer Sang-Chul Yoon

Flag Party
Flag Party Commander - Lieutenant Dan von Diergardt

Senior Cadet Appointments for 2003-2004

September 12, 2003 - Congratulations to the following promotions and appointments:
Cadet Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Justin Wong
Cadet Deputy CO: Major Chris Attard
Adjutant: Major George Si

Green Star leadership team - Senior Instructor Master Warrant Officer Steve Brooks,
Course Instructors Sgt David Oram, Master Corporals Rahim Damji, Andrew Brankley and Jonathan McKenzie

Red Star leadership team - Senior Instructor Sgt Jared Leslie,
Course Instructors - MCpls Austin Smith, Eric Tozzi, Faisil Ratansi, Anthony Buonaito, Jeff Hynds, Eric Bornstein

Silver Star leadership team - Senior Instructor Major Chris Attard
Sergeants Ricky Reinenger, Cody Biggings, Matt Middleton
Master Corporals Andrew Carnovale, Adam Bucci, Taylor Irving, Adam Ford

Gold Star - Senior Instructor Major George Si
Course Instructors - Sergeants Rob Ferguson, and Charles Lai

Cadet Range Safety Officer: Master Corporal Sohaib Siddiqui
Assistant Range Safety Officers: Master Corporals Brock Buckley, Chris Bromley
Company Quartermaster (Flavelle): Corporals Brandon Monti
Course Sergeant Major: Master Warrant Officer Steven Brooks

The Ontario School of Piping and Drumming

July 2, 2003 - 142 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps  drummers Lance Corporal Andy Dalrymple, Corporal Jon Tozzi, Lance Corporal  Mike Ferguson and Cadet Cameron Healy (in photo) were joined by Lance Corporal Andrew MacDonald, Cadet Gordon Gray, Lance Corporal Tyler and Cadet Spencer Jackson, and Cadet Greg VandeMark for a weeklong intensive drumming camp during the 2003 Ontario School of Piping and Drumming held at the College.

Congrats to Duke of Edinburgh Award recipients!

July 2, 2003 - Congratulations to the following Duke of Edinburgh's Award recipients:

  • Bronze: Corporal Chris Simpson, Master Corporal Nick Leslie, Lance Corporal Lander Cabrera, Lance Corporal Dennis Chang, Corporal Matt Donko
  • Silver: Sergeant Kyle Steeves, Master Corporal Jeff Hynds, Sergeant David Oram, Sergeant Jared Leslie, Bandsman Ryan Bryce, Corporal Michael Carney, Sergeant Brian Grant, Master Corporal Anthony Buaoniato
  • Gold: Lieutenant Brad Downey, Captain Adam Parent, Acting Master Corporal David Woodcock, Sergeant Fred Kane

Air Studies Candidate Corporal Derrick Kocik and his InstructorFirst Air Studies
Pilot Flies Solo

May 29, 2003 - The first 142 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps student pilot, Corporal Derrick Kocik, flew solo for the first time on May 27 at 6:00pm!!

Corporal Kocik has been one of the first four cadets participating in this new Optional Cadet Program at St. Andrew's.

Free Cadet Summer Training Camps for SAC Students

May 8, 2003 - Not sure what to do this summer? Two, three and six-week Cadet summer camps are available for Star training, Pipes and Drums and Concert Band. There are also Marksmanship programs available but positions are limited.

For courses that are three weeks or over, students are paid a training bonus.

If interested, please contact Maj B.D. McCue, CO/142 SAC Highrs at 905-727-3178 x298 or come by the Cadet Office for information.

Student Manager Wanted for Pipes & Drums

May 7, 2003 - The Pipes & Drums Band at St. Andrew's College is seeking a student Band Manager as part of the Cadet Program Administrative unit.

2003 Cadet Inspection - Drum TattooThis position would entail all quartermaster duties, taking and tracking detailed attendance for Thursday piping and drumming classes, organizational duties for events and performances, and taking care of many of the details that go on behind the scenes in a 40-member performing and marching unit. It is a leadership position and would be the sole Cadet activity for the successful applicant. The ideal applicant would be able to take the job for a minimum of two years.

The position reports directly to the Band Director, Mr. McGillivray. Applicants must show focused organizational talents and computer skills are a must. This person would be considered a non-playing member of the Pipes & Drums.

If interested, please e-mail Mr. McGillivray at All applicants must be students at St. Andrew's College.

This year's Cadet Inspection a first class day!

2003 Annual Inpsection - Private pilot-in-training Kocik's view of parade from up highMay 6, 2003 - Congratulations to all for a truly first class 98th Annual Cadet Inspection. Under sunny skies, it was excellent from the opening Chapel service to the dying notes of the Black Bear on the march off. There was a record attendance of proud family members, friends, and visitors, as well as quite a few photographers eager to capture the moment.

Well Done to all!!!

Award winners:
Best Middle School - Lance Corporal Richard Housser
Best Grade 9 - Master Corporal Piper Nick Leslie
Best Upper School - Major Hugh Dowell
Best Platoon - #9 under Lieutenant Ryan Lo and Warrant Officer David Banwell
Best Company - Memorial Company under Captain Brad Lorriman and Master Warrant Officer Alex McNeil

Dileas Gu Brath
Maj B. D. McCue

Newly Designed Cadet Website Launched

May 5, 2003 - After several years we've re-launched the Corps Website with a new look and design but with all the great information. The site comprising over 525 pages of resources and information in support of the cadet program at SAC.  You can find just about everything you need to know about cadets at SAC on this site.

Make a point of visiting The History Section in particular with literally hundreds of pages of information about SAC Old Boys, Masters and Staff who served their country in the military including many with photos, excerpts from letters and citations from military honours granted.. A special thanks to former Cadet Adjutant Justin Linquist '96 for his assistance in researching material for this portion of the website.

Cadets in Concert: A musical extravaganza!

April 25, 2003 - Faculty, staff, visitors and parents were treated to a night of musical talent from all across the board on April 24, 2003. Held in the Ketchum Auditorium, the 142nd Highland Cadet Corps, directed and produced by Maj Brian McCue, Commanding Officer, presented a highly varied and Celtic-inspired program.

The Wind Ensemble, directed by Head of Music Sandi Chasson, played various tributes, including Celtic Blast, written by Maj McCue and Mr. Finlay, then Incantations by Robert W Smith, The Genius of Paul Simon (arr. Tom Wallace) and Into the Joy of Spring by James Swearinger.

The Pipers of St. Andrew's College, directed by Jim McGillivray stunned the crowd by playing the Steam Train to Mallaig. Their piping talents are well-known to all the boys at S.A.C. and they were enthusiastically cheered afterwards.

2003 Cadets in ConcertThe Stage Band, under conductor Don Finlay, wooed the audience with their Soul Intro, then went on to play Embraceable You and Send in the Clowns (arr Wolpe) and Mama Mia (Abba - arranged by Phillipe).

"Our Fallen Andreans" were paid tribute to with an awesome slide show of the Battlefields of Europe Tour, a two-week trip some students at S.A.C. took to the battlefields of north-west Europe with world war veteran LCols Tom Christiansen and Edward Rayment. More details on the trip can be found in the May edition of the Highlander, and the fall edition of the Andrean.

Part Two of the Cadets in Concert focused on the piping talents of the St. Andrew’s Pipers. Drewe MacIver and Graham Hynds showcased an impressive display of Highland dancing, with Jim McGillivray, David Kyle, and Brian McCue provided the percussion and the piping accompaniment. The Pipes and Drums then went on to play a rousing edition of Steamboat/Bonnie Dundee, Medley and Green Hills. Battle O’er.

The band then showed their multi-talented nature when Drew MacIver (a dancer and piper earlier in the night), along with exceptional soloist Hugh Dowell, Maj McCue (vocals/keyboard), Jeff Hynds (bass), Brandon Hussey (guitar), Liam Farrell (drums) played A Tribute To Stan Rogers, Barrett’s Privateers, and Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s.

Sgt Alex Douglas - 2003 Cadets in ConcertAnd in tribute to the 48th, a black light drum fanfare was played to the delight and awe of the crowd. It is one thing to play the drums with one dominant hand, it is entirely different thing to consistently switch dominant hand from left hand to right hand, without a break in the drumming tattoo!

The Douglas brothers, Alex, on snare drum, and Andrew on pipes, presented a moving finale to the entire night with the playing of Sunset, Amazing Grace (a S.A.C. traditional), Rose of Kelvingrove, and Scotland the Brave/Black Bear (used also at Cadet Inspection days). Andrew Douglas and the rest of the Pipes and Drums band can be heard on their new CD ‘Quit ye like men’, now available in the Ladies’ Guild Shop. (905) 727-3178 ext.279.

Congratulations all for a fantastic night and thank you for all your hard work and efforts!

Wind Ensemble members:
Flutes: Kevin Lau, Junyan Boon, Alex Tang, David Arnold, and Jeong-Jin Lee.
Clarinets: Ryan Kim, Chang Boo, Micheal Carney, Mark Cheng, Leo Young, Breen Marien, Jin Ho Park, Han Choi, Igor Kastelyanets, James Chiang, Daniel Stoikos, George Si, Richard Choi, Simon Ruggier, and Harvey Hui.
Trumpets: John Housser, Jeremy Springer, Jeremy Lee, Jesse Ross-Cohen, Daniel Chanadi, Adam Zoratto, Jared Lee, and Abraham Hum.
Trombone: Alex Kaptyn, Brian Harvey, David Oram, Sam Kuit, and Stanley Hon.
Baritone: MacArthur Kane
Tuba: Ryan Bryce and James MacArthur.
Saxophone: Ryan Luther, Patrick Kim, Sang-Chul Yoon, Shawn Jolly, Kyle Jackson, Collin Lowe, and Kevin Wilson.
Percussion: Alex Tanton, Kent Fu, Alexey Altshuller, Eitan Rosenberg, Matt Donko, and Michael Greco.
Guitar: Malcolm O’Hare
Drumkit: Liam Farrell

Jazz Band members:
Saxaphone: Ryan Luther, Sang-Chul Yoon, Sean Jeong, Kyle Jackson, Nick Dadson, Junyan Boon, and Jeff McGee, Music instructor.
Flute: Junyan Boon
Clarinet: Simon Ruggier
Trumpet: Jeremy Springer, John Housser, Daniel Chanadi, and Jeremy Lee.
Trombone: Brian Harvey, Alex Kaptyn, and Stanley Hon.
Keyboards: Malcolm O’Hare
Bass: Jeff Hynds
Drumkit: Andrew Douglas
Vocals: Hugh Dowell

2003 Cadets in ConcertPipes and Drums members:
Pipes: Andrew Douglas, Matthew Mitchell, Mervyn Frame, Drewe MacIver, Patrick McGrath, Nick Leslie, Greg Wilmot, Eugene Ryu, Eric Davies, and Dumani Ross.
Snare Drum: Matt Gynp, Alex Douglas, Jon Tozzi, Eric Sodonis, and Soung Hun Lee.
Tenor Drum: Edward Lee and Sang Hyuk Park.
Bass Drum: Sang Chul Yoon

Support Staff:
Dance instructor: Mrs. Carolyn Dewar
Stage manager: Sgt Chris Reesor (48th Highlanders of Canada)
Assistant stage manager: Mr. Jeff McGee
AV Tech: Mr. Don Hamilton
Lighting Tech: Steve McGill
Sound Tech: Brendan Zack
Spotlight operators: Andrew Cummings and Rahim Damji
Stage crew: Jeremy King, Alex Boileau and Brian Daly.
Emcees: Capt Austin Hracs and D/Maj MWO Dan von Diergardt
Tech support: Christie Lites, The Arts, Westbury Lighting and Sound

Cadets Shine in April
by c/2Lt Brian Harvey, Public Affairs Officer

May 2003 - April marked a very busy month for the St. Andrew’s College Highland Cadet Corps, with the Annual Church Parade, Cadets in Concert, Headmaster’s Parade, and the Wellington Dinner all falling within two weeks of each other.

Friday, April 11, 2003 was the 10th Annual Wellington Dinner and Leadership Lecture. This event was held at the prestigious Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) in Toronto. The dinner was attended by over 60 senior members of the Cadet Corps including Cadet Officers, Senior NCMs, Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers and civilian instructors. c/Maj Brandham was Secretary of the Mess Committee and he organized the event as well as spoke during dinner. The senior Cadets also had the pleasure of listening to guest speaker LCol Tom Christiansen (US Army Ret'd). He gave a captivating lecture on leadership and responsibility, and shared some of his humorous war stories, providing comic relief to what was otherwise a serious topic. With his charismatic presence, the officers in attendance bombarded LCol Christiansen with questions. The tradition of the RCMI, quality of the dinner, and words of wisdom from LCol Tom Christiansen made for a truly memorable event and was a sign of things to come in this exciting month.

The Battalion only had to wait 13 days before the next Cadet event took place on Thursday, April 24, 2003, before a sold-out crowd in Ketchum Auditorium. This remarkable musical performance was the third Annual Cadets in Concert. The night saw everything from The Pipes and Drums to percussion fanfares, and Highland dancing to dynamic jazz tunes. With over 15 pieces drawing from both Middle and Upper School students, the multi-talented Cadet Corps did not disappoint! This musical extravaganza showed a different side of the Corps and highlighted the music program at S.A.C, including the Wind Ensemble and Stage Band. In the words of Maj McCue, "The only criticism I had was the show had to come to an end!"

On Sunday April 27th, 2003, S.A.C. conducted its Annual Church Parade at St. Paul’s Anglican Church. In contrast to last year’s rainy experience, this year’s Parade was blue skies and smooth sailing. The day kicked off with the Battalion forming up at Branksome Hall, and marching to the church to participate in the service. In addition to the 540 cadets in attendance, the church service was also unique with c/Maj Hugh Dowell and c/LCol Mitch Myers providing the readings. After the service, the Battalion formed up on Jarvis St. to march back to the west side of Branksome Hall where the parade came to a close. Having such beautiful weather and the Battalion in such fine form, spectators could not help but inquire about more events to come! Fortunately the S.A.C. Cadet Corps has not come to a halt just yet, with the Headmaster’s Parade and Cadet Inspection just around the corner!

Battlefield Tour March 2003

April 2003 - From March 10 – 18, 2003, 31 history students in Grades 10 to OAC, chaperoned by Tony Myrans, David Stewart, and Major Brian McCue, made a trip of a lifetime to the battlefields of northwest Europe upon which Canadians fought and died in both World Wars.

As adjunct study to the Grade 10 and OAC Canadian history courses and the Grade 11 20th Century History course, the trip was the realization of planning begun almost a decade ago by Tony and Honorary Colonel Kingsley Ward, long-time members of the Board of Governors. Guided by Lieutenant Colonels Edward Rayment and Tom Christianson, experts on the Canadian battlefields, the students began their eight-day study at Pegasus Bridge on the Orne River near Breville, France. This bridge, made famous in the film The Longest Day, was the farthest left flank of the allied armies invading Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

A special moment of the Normandy tour came when the Mayor of the village of Le Mesnil Patry, liberated by Canadian forces in the first week of the invasion, thanked those valiant Canadians who liberated him and his village by inviting our students to a splendid dinner in the Town Hall and presenting our school with a hand painted china plate on behalf of its Council.

Along the way our group explored more than 30 war cemeteries scattered in farmers’ fields throughout France and Belgium, which brought home in a deeply personal way the enormous sacrifices of our forefathers in preserving the freedoms and lifestyles that we have today.

Perhaps the most significant moments of the trip, however, were the five wreath-laying ceremonies our group performed at the graves of fallen Andreans. The wreaths, in S.A.C. colours of red poppies and white flowers, donated by the S.A.C. Association and carried from Canada for this purpose, read simply "St. Andrew’s College, Canada.."

Check out Major McCue's Battlefield Tour Diary about this exciting Corps event.

Air Studies Offered as New Optional Cadet Program

Air Studies ProgramDecember 16, 2003 - A new addition to the Cadet Optional Programs is the Air Studies Program. Cadets Cadet Andrew Cumming, Corporal Derrick Kocik, Master Corporal Duncan Kluwak, and Sergeant Clement Yau have begun work on their Private Pilot's Licence.

With ground school being completed at St. Andrew's under the direction of Civilian Instructor Jones, they travel to Buttonville Airport to fly on Wednesdays and Sundays - weather permitting. With our existing classroom technology, a flight yoke and pedals used in conjunction with Flight Simulator 2002 we are able to operate a time and money saving flight simulator.

Commanding Officer's Christmas Parade             
by c/Sgt Brian Harvey, Public Affairs NCO

Thursday, December 12, 2002 marked a very important day for 27 Cadets in the Battalion. These 27 individuals were all recognized at the COs Christmas Parade by means of promotion and appointment in the Corps. Out of the 27 Cadets who were recognized at the parade, 7 were recognized for marksmanship achievement, 3 received marksmen promotions, 10 received platoon promotions and 7 received pipe band promotions.

Commanding Officer's Christmas Parade 2002December 12th also marked the first parade of the year for the Corps where the entire battalion was present, including the pipe band and colour party. The purpose of the Commanding Officer's Parade was to allow the CO to address the corps and distribute promotions and awards prior to the holiday stand-down. The Commanding Officer, Maj McCue reviewed the battalion with the assistance of C/Commanding Officer, LCol Mitch Myers, Adjutant, Maj Hugh Dowell, and RSM Scott Lennox.

In the past, the St. Andrew's College Battalion has only paraded three times a year (Church Parade, Headmaster's Parade, and Annual Cadet Inspections.) However, the number of parades held each year has increased consistently over the past few years. With the battalion's Remembrance Day participation and the introduction of the Training Awards Parade, the battalion is parading more than ever. This is evident by the fact that the battalion will parade at least six times this year.

Above all, The Christmas Parade gave the senior cadets an opportunity to command the battalion for the first time in preparation for the spring parade season. Taken as a whole, it was a well executed parade, which pleasantly turned out to be an early Christmas present for the Commanding Officer to see the battalion in such fine form so early in the year.

Remembrance Day 2002

November 14, 2002 - Queen's Park Remembrance: A sincere thanks to all of you that gave up your free time on this past drizzly Sunday to parade with our Regiment. A first class job by all! Sgt Alex McNabb, Freddie Kane, Roger McLean, Tyler Ehler, Adam Bucci, Johan Irwandi, Chris Attard, Andrew Brankley, James Chang, Austin Smith, Ricky Reinenger, Alex Boileau, Scotty Johnstone, Brock Buckley, Sohaib Siddiqui, Jeff Hynds, Alex Buonaito, Sean Gill, Sgt Dave Banwell (Guard Sergeant-Major), Joel Ford, Daniel John, David Humphrey, Jin Ho Park, Terence Chu, Derrick Leung, c/Maj Hugh Dowell and c/LCol Mitch Myers.

Also, thank you to the Flag Party and wreath bearers representing the Corps at the Aurora Cenotaph Service: c/Lt John Housser - Flag Party Cmdr, Pat McGrath, Tyler Smith, Alan Bean, Jeremy Lee, Nick Dadson, and wreath bearers, D/Sgt Matt Gnyp and Martin Lee.

Pipers representing the Corps around the area included Eric Davies and Jeremy Springer (Downsview Park), R.J.Ellis (Denison Collegiate and Kettleby United Church) and Drewe MacIver (Aurora United Church).

SAC Piper gains top honours in Scotland

Monday, October 28, 2002 - Congratulations to Cadet Pipe Major c/CWO Andrew Douglas, who capped off a season of performance with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band by placing second in the 2002 World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. The band has won this title for four of the past six years, more than any other non-Scottish band in the competition’s history, and was narrowly edged out of their fifth title by Ireland’s Field Marshall Montgomery.

Andrew plans to continue his association with the band, which flies him out for rehearsals several times a year, and will be playing a number of winter concerts across the continent, including one at Massey Hall in April.

142nd Highlanders Cadet Corps Training Weekend
Cadets at Base Borden

October 28, 2002 - The 142nd Highlanders started the training year with a Senior Leaders course at Blackdown Army Cadet Training Centre at CFB Borden. Seventeen soon-to-be Platoon Instructors and Senior Leaders came together to review field craft skills and instructional techniques while living out-of-doors.

The weekend at Base Borden began by kitting-up at the Regimental Quartermaster Stores, where each student received a full complement of military field gear. Once packed, the course members "rucked up" and headed for the bivouac site. Once in position, students rotated through a variety of leadership tasks and presented practice lessons to each other. The initial challenge was to build a ‘hoochie’ or emergency shelter using a canvas sheet and tying cord, which was to be their bed for the night. After few attempts, the shelters were fit for sleeping and the group moved on to the training stands.

The Cadets reviewed orienteering, field skills, camouflage and concealment, section movements, signals and communication drills. Each Cadet took a turn throughout the night, calling in the hourly radio checks with the Base Range Control Officer. One highlight was preparing the military rations for meals, commonly known as Individual Meal Packs (IMP's). Most important however, was the opportunity for the Senior Cadets to offer their input in the upcoming training program for the younger members of the Corps and to build a strong leadership base.

At the end of the second day, members packed up the area and moved back to the main base. The weekend was a tremendous success and although it was not a holiday by any stretch of the imagination, all would agree they had a great time!

October 2002 Appointments and Promotions

October 17, 2002 - Congratulations to Cadets for their promotions. Following are the latest Cadet achievements:

MCpl Brad Downey appointed Platoon Instructor - Pltn 10 (Red Star)
Nick Tsioras promoted A/Sgt - appointed R Quartermaster Sgt
Cpl J Leslie promoted MCpl - appointed Range Safety NCO
Sgt Dan Von Diergardt promoted WO - appointed Drum Major
MCpl J Springer promoted MWO - appointed Band Sgt Major
MCpl G Hunter promoted A/Sgt - appointed PERT NCO
(PERT - Physical education and recreation training) responsible for the Annual Cadet Fitness Challenge testing for Green/Red/ Silver Gold
MCpl RJ Ellis - Level 5 piper promoted to Sgt
MCpl P McGrath - Level 5 piper promoted to Sgt
LCpl Sodonis - Level 3 drums promoted to Cpl
LCpl E Lebar - Level 3 drums promoted to Cpl
LCpl C Lam - Level 3 drums promoted to Cpl

Company Quartermaster Sergeants (CQMS) are appointed to be in charge of uniforms for each Company.
Cpl Malek Smith promoted A/MCpl- CQMS Flavelle Coy
Cpl Teja promoted A/MCpl - CQMS Sifton Coy
Cpl Lucking promoted A/MCpl - CQMS Memorial Coy
Cpl Ryan Marek promoted A/MCpl - CQMS Smith Coy
Cpl S McGill promoted A/MCpl - CQMS Ramsey Coy
Cdt Ryan Bucci promoted A/MCpl - CQMS Laidlaw Coy

#142 SAC Highlanders extends a welcome to Mr Matthew Little who has taken on the role as Red Star Course Officer. Mr Little is the outdoor education coordinator for York Region Board of Ed and an outdoorsman second to none. Mr Little also spent a number of years in the Queen's York Rangers Reserve Regiment and is very familiar with the Cadet training program.

BHQ Appointments Made for 2002/2003

May 29, 2002 - Congratulations to the following cadets on their appointments:

Lt Mitch Myers is appointed Cadet Commanding Officer and promoted to c/Lieutenant Colonel. Mitch's commitment and dedication to the Corps has been evident for years having won the Top Grade 9 Cadet Award, the top Upper School Cadet Award and two Commanding Officers Commendations. He is National Star qualified, currently #2 Shot in the Province for marksmanship, an Advanced Scuba Diver, Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award recipient and was the 2IC of Training Company this year.

MWO Brent Brandham appointed C/ Deputy Commanding Officer and promoted to c/Major. Brent is a Gold Star cadet, leading the top Company this year (Memorial) as their Company Sergeant Major. He is a recipient of the Commanding Officer's Commendation and a Silver Fitness Award winner. As
DCO, Brent's responsibilities will focus on the creation and implementation of the Star program.

Warrant Officer Hugh Dowell appointed Adjutant and promoted to Major. c/Hugh is well know for his dedication and loyalty to the Corps. He is a National Star Cadet, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award recipient and received the Commanding Officers Commendation. As the Adjutant, Hugh's responsibilities will focus on the training and development of the Officer and Senior NCO cadre.

MWO Scott Lennox appointed RSM and promoted to c/Chief Warrant Officer.  Scott Lennox was highly recommended from all ranks to follow in his brother's footsteps as the Regimental Sergeant-Major. Scott is a Gold Star Cadet, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze recipient and was presented the Commanding Officers Commendation for training excellence.

Sgt John Housser appointed Flag Party Commander and promoted to a/Lieutenant. John is a well known figure in the Corps as a responsible, diligent and tireless leader. John has made it his mission to build the finest Flag party in NATO  and I have no doubt he will give it a good run. His teambuilding skills and personal motivation are truly welcomed.

Record Number of Cadets Achieve Star Qualifications
Cadet News for June 2002

June 03, 2002 - The #142 S.A.C. Highland Cadet Corps had a successful training year, with a record 77% of the Corps achieving qualifications in the Star program and optional courses. The marksmanship team progressed to the Cadet Provincial Championship where Lt Mitch Myers placed 2nd in the province in the Individual category. The team placed in the top three in Canada for the Youth of the Commonwealth match and went on to represent Canada in the International round.

The Biathlon Team was invited to represent the Central Ontario Area in the Provincial Championship in Sudbury. Lt Charles-Etienne Bergeron tied for top shot at the competition. Our Pipe Band won the area championship and went on to represent us at the Provincials at CFB Trenton. The band won the competition but due to a controversial call by the judges, the band was disqualified.

In addition to the Green, Red, Silver and Gold Star programs, other programs included Young Driver’s Training, Food Services, Lifesaving Certifications, Rock Climbing, Public Affairs, Cadet Stores, St John’s First Aid, Scuba Training (PADI), and the ever-popular Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The annual Cadet Inspection took place on a picture-perfect day for a parade. Unlike the Church and Headmaster’s Parades which were challenged by rain, sleet and snow, the sun shone brightly on the cadets. Inspecting the Corps this year was Dr. Charles Malcolmson ’52 and special guests included Major Robert Lyons (Detachment Commander), Major Andrew Patterson (DCO-48th Highlanders of Canada) and President of the Board of Governors, Mr. Brian Armstrong.

A Summer in New Scotland
by c/Sgt Mervyn Frame

October 17, 2001 -  Nearing the end of the busy third term this past school year, my parents had been constantly encouraging me to get a summer job. I would assume they were doing this as I was down to my last penny and was constantly squandering money off of them. So, I figured I better seek out a job pretty quickly so I could create some sort of income for myself. Before I even began to look, Mr. McGillvray sent out one of his many e-mails and said that a man named Fraser Clark was offering positions for pipers at some fort in Halifax I had never heard of. At the time, I immediately turned my nose up at the opportunity and thought it would just be a waste of a summer. From what I knew, Fraser Clark was asking for a few pipers to come from St. Andrew’s to Halifax and work in this fort as a 19th Century British piper that would have been in the army during that era. I thought it was somewhat interesting, but even so, an entire summer working in some place I had never been without any of my friends is a big decision. So, I simply continued my search for jobs which wasn’t proving to be hugely successful. After several weeks, my roommate, Eric Davies, informed me that he was going to undertake the job for the summer. This was very good news because I was completely unsuccessful in finding another, suitable job and now I would have a friend of mine accompany me. As it was now June and the job technically was supposed to start in few weeks, I quickly sent in my application to Fraser Clark. In no time, I was booked on a flight to Halifax on the last day of June.

Eric arrived in Halifax several days before I did, so he was able to give me all the information on the job that I did not know which was practically everything. All I knew was that I was piping in a fort and was dressing up as one of the guys from the movie “The Patriot.” 

Our residence was at St. Mary’s University, very close to downtown Halifax. However, downtown Halifax was like downtown Newmarket. It was very small, but at the same time very welcoming and it had a somewhat more relaxed environment to that of Toronto’s even though it was a city. 

On my first day, Eric and I walked to the Citadel in the middle of the City so that I could see where I was working. The Citadel was not a very big fort especially compared to Fort Louisbourg in Cape Breton. We visited all the little museums and sights there were to see in the Citadel as well as our “casemate” which was the locker room. I met a few of the soldiers in the Citadel that I would be working with as well as some of the drummers. The soldiers were quite neat to see as they were dressed as Scottish Highlander soldiers in the Victorian British Army. The regiment that I would be reenacting was the 78th Highlanders which no longer exists, but is now apart of the present day Queen’s Own Regiment. Instead of being dressed in “reds,” I found out that my uniform would in fact be green with no feathered bonnet such as the ones we wear here at St. Andrew’s which was somewhat of a relief due to the heat in the summer. After several weeks of work, I learned that the tartan on my uniform was the McKenzie War Tartan, (this I obviously should have known earlier). However, I did know that the year we were representing was 1869. 

A regular work day would start at about 8:30 am. We would go to our casemate and begin the long, agonizing process of making our kit look good. This being shining buttons, boots, any brass on our uniform, and whitening gators. This long procedure was expected to take us roughly forty-five minutes to do. However, I pulled it off sometimes in ten minutes when I was in a rush. After our kit had been completed, we were to report on the parade square at 9:15, ready for drill. This was a part of the job I was not aware of when I applied unfortunately. However, drill was drill and it had to be done. Especially for Eric and myself due to the fact that the drill we do here at St. Andrew’s is not the drill we were to do in Halifax. We were to do drill from 1869. This took quite some time to get the hang of and many long hours of being screamed at by Corporal Gannon and Corporal Flick, our two Pipe Corporals. Now, doing drill was one thing at 9:15 in the morning, but having your Corporal or Sergeant come up and put his face in yours and scream at you for not having your buttons properly shined was another! However, Eric and I quickly figured that if we don’t give them a reason to yell at us, they won’t yell at us! During all this yelling and screaming, tourists were watching in amazement and taking pictures and asking every question that came to mind. “Is this the way they used to get drilled?” “Yes, but in a more of a Scottish accent!” 

Usually at about noontime, the noon cannon would go off signaling to the fort that it was lunch. At this time, the pipe band which Eric and I were in, would do our noon concert. This would consist of a whole string of traditional tunes from the era, some band drill, and explaining the role of pipers in the British Army. The concert was usually about twenty minutes or so. I must say though, when you are standing at attention in full dress in the middle of a parade square where the sun is at its worst, it is not a pleasant feeling. 

Following this concert would be the long awaited lunch from the coffee bar. Lucky for Eric and I, the program we were in which was YCW, paid for all of our meals. I don’t think the other pipers and soldiers were too happy with that. 

During the entire day, three pipers would alternate shifts on the walls of the fort and play bagpipes. This I found was a wonderful time to practice one’s instrument. You just had to get around the hundreds of people that would ask you questions and take their pictures with you. The picture thing was fun for a while, but after the thousandth person it began to lose its enjoyment as Eric and I found and began attempting to avoid it as much as possible. It was actually quite interesting to observe the picture taking patterns of people. One person would take our picture and then another would see this and do the same thing. This eventually turned into a chain reaction of hundreds of people all taking your picture at once. 

Apart from a couple of chanter practices a day with Fraser Clark, who I found out after a few days of work was our Pipe Major, the day was practically over. It ended with that long, agonizing process of cleaning our kit once again. At five, we were permitted to go home and Eric and I would head down into downtown Halifax and see a movie, hang around with some friends from the Citadel or go back to our apartment and sleep. Being in the sun for about eight hours tended to make us quite sleepy as the day came to a close. 

So, apart from being screamed at, doing drill, shining buttons, and polishing boots, I would have to say that my experience as a Victorian Piper in the British Army in 1869 was a really good experience and I think I would most definitely do it again. The break, however being the time in between this last summer and the next summer when I return to Halifax, will be a nice rest. 

2001 Summer Camp - Articles - Cpl Carney - Cpl Hynds

October 17, 2001 - My Trip to Cadet Camp
By c/Cpl Mike Carney

I was getting ready for summer in June when my friend Sohaib Siddiqui asks me if I want to go to cadet camp with him. He told me that I get all the summer training requirements until Master Corporal and I get sixty dollars for every week. I liked cadets and I was looking for a summer job I liked the idea and signed up. Later in the month I found out that Sohaib could not go but that my other friend Jeff Hynds could. After going to school in July to pick up my new uniform I was soon shipped away to camp.

The bus was supposed to pick us up at Newmarket Community Center but the bus never showed up. As we began to walk through the building in our kilts and dress shirt, we could hear little kids whispering "Scottish people." The person in charge told us he knew nothing about the camp and the bus never showed up. Capt. McCue ended up driving us to camp. He told us that camp Blackdown is so dusty that after two days your boogers will turn black. He was kind enough to give us a bite to eat at McDonalds and left us at camp. 

We were soon being put through lines after lines of inspectors and army guys. We were issued combat suit, boots, web belts, shoes and laundry bags. We then found out that Jeff and I were in the same tent and platoon. We unpacked and got ready for a hard two weeks. We were then taught not to go into the girl lines and to keep your tent tidy.

We got up every morning at six o'clock in the morning then had to get everything clean by six thirty and if you weren't up then the sergent's would flip your bed. Then you marched up to breakfast and ate. The food actually wasn't that bad. We started our activities, got free time at night and went to bed at ten o'clock. We even had to do our own laundry. 

Every tent had one - there was one person in our tent that would not keep quiet and it was hard to sleep. Three days into the camp we started to get tired and then we went into the bush and started to really camp. During the camp was when Jeff and I started to make friends. It turned out to be alot of fun.

Going to the bush was alot of fun and we got to play night games but we did other actives too. Like climbing a rope bridge at sixty feet in the air and sliding down a rope for ten meters. The obstacle course was also fun we climbed walls 16 feet high and crawled under barb wire. 

During the graduation parade Jeff and I were the only one's wearing kilts and we were quite proud of our school. We then found out that we were getting promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal. I left that camp with some new friends, a promotion and one hundered and twenty dollars.

October 17, 2001 - Summer Cadet Camp
by c/Cpl Jeff Hynds

Michael Carney and I both share a common interest in the cadet program and the Canadian armed forces. That is why we both signed up for a two week cadet experience at Blackdown Army Cadet Training Camp, located in Borden Ontario. 

The first day we got up early to catch our bus to Blackdown. The bus was scheduled to arrive at the Newmarket community centre (I cannot remember the exact time). We arrived early, and didn’t see any other cadets. We waited… and waited… and waited. Several hours later, we decided that the bus wasn’t going to be coming anytime soon, and we drove back to SAC to meet up with Capt. McCue. He was going to give us a ride to Blackdown. 

When we got there (finally) we noticed that we were the only ones with kilts. Apart from staff members, we were the only cadets in the 1000 cadet battalion who had kilts as a part of our uniform. We made our way through the registration process, and then went to receive our kit. We were issued two laundry bags, running shoes, a web belt (cantine), rain jacket, pillow case, a tilly hat, two combat uniforms, and combat boots. We finally got to our tent. I was in one of two basic training companies. My company was India Company. I was (very luckily) in the same company, the same platoon, and the same tent as Michael Carney. The tents were very large, and they held up to 12 cots with space for bags. 

I soon learned that there is a very specific way to arrange the bedspace. Your sleeping bag has to be folded a certain way, your personal kit has to be on the left of your cot, your barracks box has to be on the right. Your combat uniform has to be hung in the centre of your cot with the sleeves rolled up, and the buttons done up. Your towel has to be hung on the right of the cot with the hangar pointing to the door. Your shoes always have to be shined, and they need to be aligned with the cot in proper order.  I could go on like this for a very long time. 

There were a lot of boring, common-sense classes we had to attend. Like the importance of healthy living. There were also a lot of activities. Activities were the reason I wanted to go to Blackdown.  There was everything from the zipline, to the obstacle course. The activities I really enjoyed were the obstacle course, the rope bridge, and marksmanship.  The regular Canadian forces train on the same obstacle course we were on. There was stuff like crawling under barbed wire, scaling 6 and 8 foot walls, climbing across a 30 ft high bridge made of rope (no harness),  and pulling yourself across a gap on a single rope. The obstacle course was the most fun I had at camp. The rope bridge was the next most fun activity. There was two ropes spanning an enormous gap, and you had to cross on them.  The gap was 60 ft high at its tallest point. One rope supported your feet, and you held onto the other. When you got in the middle it was really windy and you bounced as the ropes stretched. In marksmanship we used the daisy air rifle. I don’t know why, but I just like shooting even though I’m not very good at it. We also used bows. 

We went on an overnight camping trip into the bush.  We had to make hooches to live in for the night.  They are cold and uncomfortable at night. At night we played a game using our newly acquired camouflage and concealment skills. 

The food at Blackdown was surprisingly good. We had eggs, pancakes, and a variety of cereals for breakfast. There were always fries at lunch. And dinner was always different. At lunch and dinner there was always popsicles and ice cream. There was a toaster, and fresh fruit, and cookies. There was a great variety of other foods, but it would take a long time to list them all. I always enjoyed our meals at Blackdown. There was always something I liked there. 

For free time, which was a rare, I usually went to the cantine with Mike to buy candy, or we just hung out at the tent. The cantine has a cheap arcade section, a huge tv, playstation and other entertainment. 

In conclusion I had a great time at camp. I learned some new fieldcraft skills, made new friends, and became a Corporal. Camp was a lot of fun, but I am still not sure weather or not I will go back next year. 

Additional Promotions and Appointments for 2001-2002
September 2, 2001 - I am pleased to announce the following promotions and appointments for 2001-2002 effective immediately:

- Lt Pablo Sanders promoted to Cadet Major and appointed Deputy Commanding Officer
- Lt Andrew Cronin promoted to Cadet Captain and appointed Adjutant
- Master Warrant Officer John Ross Lennox promoted Chief Warrant Officer and appointed Regimental Sergeant Major.

These three gentlemen will join c/LCol Michael Reid as members of the Battalion Headquarters and senior leadership team.

Additional promotions and appointments:
- Lt Peter McClelland is appointed Cadet Fitness Testing Coordinator
- Lt Patrick Harris is appointed Senior Gold Star Course Instructor
- Lt Adam Brander is appointed Silver Star Course Instructor
- MWO Ryan Chan promoted Lieutenant and appointed Senior Green Star Course Instructor
- MWO Mike Charlebois is promoted Lieutenant and appointed Senior Silver Star Course Instructor
- MWO Kevin Fullerton is promoted Lieutenant and appointed Gold Star Course Instructor
- Sgt  Andrew Douglas is promoted to Warrant Officer and appointed Pipe Major
- Sgt Hugh Dowell is appointed Pipe Sergeant
- Cpl John Knutton is promoted Warrant Officer and appointed Senior Pipe Band Drum Major
- Sgt Andrew Steeves is promoted Lieutenant and appointed Senior Red Star Course Course Instructor
- Sgt Jeff Ginou is appointed Silver Star Course Instructor
- Sgt Brad Smith is appointed Red Star Course Instructor
- Sgt Jimmy Healey is appointed Green Star Course Instructor
- Sgt Brandon Townsend is appointed Green Star Course Instructor
- Sgt Adam Parent is appointed Green Star Course Instructor
- Sgt Eric Nei is appointed Training Support Section Commander
- Sgt Brian Lin is appointed Community Service Coordinator
- Sgt Charles-Etienne Bergeron is appointed Compulsory Air Rifle Program Instructor
- A/Sgt Austin Hracs is appointed Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS)
- A/Sgt Jamie Scott is appointed Red Star Course Instructor
- A/Sgt Richar Goldhar is appointed Admin Section Commander
- MCpl Chris Chang is appointed Silver Star Course Instructor
- MCpl Giancarlo Trimarchi is appointed Red Star Course Instructor
- MCpl Luis Leong is promoted Sergeant and appointed Green Star Course Instructor
- MCpl Michael Faulds is appointed Silver Star Course Instructor
- MCpl Alex Chow is appointed Public Affairs Section Commander
- MCpl Boris Mok is appointed Field Operations Training Coordinator

Cadet Commanding Officer Appointed for 2001-2002
June 2001 - Senior cadet appointments are generally not filled until just before March break each year. Since the scope of our cadet program during the fall and winter terms has increased significantly over the past few years, it was felt that the Corps would benefit from having the most senior leadership roles filled for the entire year. This will allow for a more meaningful student contribition to the Corps leadership team throughout the full course of the cadet year.

As the first step in this new process, I am pleased to announce that Cadet Captain Michael Reid is promoted to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Cadet Commanding Officer of our Cadet corps for 2001-2002.

Michael completed his Gold Star this past year by self study, while serving as a dedicated and effective instructor with the Green Star program in the fall and winter terms. During the spring he served as the Commander of Ramsey Company and, as such, was the highest ranking Grade 12 in the Corps. On several occasions over the year, he has quietly accepted additional tasks which he has carried out in a competent and effective manner.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Michael on accepting this appointment.
Maj. J.M. Stephens, CD

2001 Toronto Indoor Games Piping Competition
April 22nd, 2001 - Congratulations to a number of our pipers and the Pipes & Drums mini-band for admirable success at the long-standing Toronto Indoor Games last Saturday.

Merv Frame finished 1st in the Novice Piobaireachd and 2nd in the Grade 4 March. Eric Davis had a 2nd and a 3rd in those two events. Hugh Dowell was the Grade 3 amateur champion of the day with good prizes in two of his three events. Andrew Douglas took three 4ths and turned some heads with a strong showing against adult professional pipers in his first major Open Class competition.

The mini-band (5 pipers, 2 snares and a bass) consisted of the above four pipers along with Drewe MacIver, and with Warren Lowe and Jeremy Lee on snare and John Knutton on bass drum.  This was the Pipes & Drums' first competition in an Ontario Pipers' and Pipe Band Society event.  These events are judged solely on music, with no dress and deportment involved.  The band placed 4th out of six overall -- a very reasonable showing -- and took 2nd place in the piping portion of the event.

Well done to all, and I'm sure we'll be even better next year.

Biathlon marries precision, strength
St. Andrews offers skiing, shooting course for cadets
By John Cudmore, Staff Writer, Feb. 27, 2001, Aurora Era-Banner
When cadet training officer Brian McCue and nordic ski coach Dave Gaertner got together over lunch two years ago, a biathlon squad seemed like the ideal partnership.

A sport most Canadians never notice except during the Winter Olympics or when they hear the name Miriam Bedard, biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle-shooting that combines a strenuous workout with the fine touch of a trigger finger.

"The skiers were interested and kind of liked the idea of improving their marksmanship skills, as well as the competitive aspect," recalled McCue of the launch of the squad. "The shooters learned how to ski and it basically just met in the middle."

Borne of the military tradition of wartime ski patrols, most notably in Scandanavian countries, a typical biathlon includes skiing a two to three-kilometre course then shooting five targets using a .22-calibre rifle before repeating the process. In all, three rounds of targets and four loops of the course comprise a customary event.

St. Andrew's College offers biathlon as an option in its mandatory cadet program held Thursdays for all students at the Aurora-based private school.

Although not offered on the independent schools list of sporting activities, SAC's 142nd Cadet Corps is eligible to compete at cadet competitions through its longtime affiliation with the 48th Highlanders and as part of Biathlon Ontario.

"We're one of the few schools still to have the cadet program," said athletic director Greg Reid, noting the cadet program, a carry-over from the 1800s, covers a wide variety of interests, ranging from food services to marksmanship and music to scuba courses.

For Gordon Hunter, it was an opportunity to combine his primary winter sport -- cross-country skiing -- with a new element. "I just wanted to try something different and add a little spice to skiing," said Hunter, a Grade 10 student in his first year at the school.

He qualified to represent the school corps at the recent Central Ontario Region area cadet championships in Sault Ste. Marie, but was unable to attend the competition. He's a top-notch skier and will participate in the Canadian junior cross-country championships at Val Cartier, Que., during March break for the second straight year.

"I still prefer actual cross-country skiing because I've been doing it for years, but I'll probably continue to do it." He's considering taking summer courses in order to sharpen his shooting skills in the off-season.

"The tough part after skiing for two kilometres is getting your breathing relaxed to get the gun steady," said the 16-year-old Hunter, recalling his first competition in which he shot just one of 15 targets on a blustery day, but prevailed on the strength of his skiing skills.

Obviously, it's not as simple as it appears. "It's a night-and-day sport," said McCue. "Your heart is racing, then you have to focus and internalize to be very calm. It takes extreme energy to control every muscle. It's an incredible workout and having to be in control is the challenge."

Duke of Ed ORCA Qualification Course
September 17, 2000 - On Thursday the 14th, six students and three staff ventured into the wilderness to undertake a special three day certification course for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and the Ontario Recreational Canoe Association (ORCA). The expedition took us to Eels Lake near Bancroft, Ontario, home base for ORCA Instructor Steven Turner and his outfit, Echo Adventures. We set up camp on a small island in the middle of Eels Lake, which was to be our home for the duration of the course. 

ORCA Course - September 2000Day 1 consisted of learning a wide range of tandem canoe skills starting from the basic strokes and moving into some fancy moves with the canoe. Within a few hours, the members of Duke's Team 5 were pivoting and spinning the canoes around like pros and were working on dock landings and bow cuts. In addition to the paddling techniques, we also went through basic history, canoe design and repair as well as basic canoe tripping skills and emergency first aid.

On Day 2 some of the group members were challenged in the morning to some solo canoe training which proved considerably harder than tandem skills. After two hours the group decided to master the tandem skills required for the certifications and began testing for our levels with Steve. Many of the moves that Steve required for us to execute had to be completed with precision allowing for only minimal slippage. Many times we were sent around to "try it again!"

On Day 3 we set off on a mini expedition which would train on us areas such as portaging, swamp crossings, obstacle crossing with the canoe as well as map and compass work. Periodically Steve would stop and work on skills testing during the journey and created some first aid scenarios to challenge our quickly tiring minds and bodies. Exhausted and hungry, we made it back to our Base Camp only to discover that our last requirement was a written test! Much to our relief, we were allowed to work through the test as a group and waited patiently while Steve calculated and computed our final certification levels.

Everyone in the group was successful in attaining ORCA qualifications which would allow us to undertake future canoe adventures safely as a group and allow for the students to pursue summer employment as assistant canoe instructors and trip leaders. 

Well Done to the following Duke of Edinburgh's Award members:
ORCA Level C and Tripping I - Trevor Fahlgren and Francis David- Coderre 
ORCA Level 1 and Tripping I - Simon Robinson, Matt Gnyp, Mitch Myers, Darryl Stock - Staff - Craig Hamilton (GAP), Kris Van Wissen (Cadets) Brian McCue (Coord - Duke of Ed program)

Cadet Promotions
September 3, 2000 - Major Stephens, Director of Cadets is pleased to announce the following cadet promotions effective immediately:

  • Promoted to Captain: Lt Andrew Martin, Lt Jackson Lau, Lt Jason Wong
  • Promoted to Lieutenant: WO Andrew Cronin, Sgt Marc Swenker, MWO Josh Kelson
  • Promoted to Acting Lieutenant: Sgt Jack Popiel
  • Promoted to Warrant Officer: Sgt J-R Lennox, 
  • Promoted to Sergeant: MCpl Mike Charlebois, MCpl Danny Mak, MCpl Kenneth Chan, MCpl Vladimir Kim, MCpl Adrina Lee, MCpl Vincent Leung, Cpl Ryan Aarts

2000 National Cadet Tattoo
August 28, 2000 - Capt McCue and piper MCpl Hugh Dowell joined 600 Army, Air and Sea cadets who participated in the 2000 National Cadet Tattoo held August 26th at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton. This was an excellent display of cadet musical talents and demonstrations of cadet training for all three cadet elements. Congratulations to all involved!

SAC Hosts Dingwall, Scotland Cadets
August 28, 2000 - Sixteen cadets and four instructors from the Dingwall Detachment of the Highland Cadet Battalion, stayed at St. Andrew's for three nights while visiting Canada. We hosted them to a BBQ on August 23rd which was followed by a baseball game. Five SAC cadets joined them for dinner and another baseball game on August 24th. Most of their trip was coordinated by Capt N.Pope, Commanding Officer of the 48th Highlanders Cadet Corps, Toronto. We look forward to the opportunity to visit these cadets in Scotland in the future.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Achieved
June 2000 - The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a program for young people aged 14-25. Currently some 400,000 people are involved in projects in over 90 countries. In 1956, Prince Philip challenged young people to develop character, leadership and personal discipline through projects in four sections: physical recreation, community service, skill development and expeditions. Successful completion of all the requirements entitles participants to receive Award pins and certificates. 

This year 74 students are actively involved with 13 Bronze, one Silver and two Gold awards achieved. Expeditions have included hikes in Algonquin Park and on the Bruce Trail, and a canoe expedition at Bon Echo Provincial Park. Students can also undertake expeditions on their own (three members of this year’s SASSIN team completed their Gold level expedition requirements through involvement in Nepal). Andrew Cronin was presented his Silver Award on June 17th by former Lt-Governor, the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, and Paul Perrier and Michael Craig will receive their Gold Awards from a member of the Royal family at a later date.

Congratulations to the following cadets who won awards this year:

  • Bronze: MCpl Hugh Dowell, Drummer Trevor Fahlgren, LCpl Allesandro Lupo, LCpl Chris MacFarlane, LCpl John MacIver, Cdt Stuart Manchee, LCpl Brendon McCullough, Cpl Mitch Myers, LCpl Jordan Ross, LCpl Joseph Rothwell, LCpl Nathan Rothwell, LCpl Jarryd Stock, LCpl Andrew Wakefield
  • Silver: WO Andrew Cronin
  • Gold: A/Cpl Michael Craig, Sgt Paul Perrier

Pipes and Drums Win 2000 Central Ontario 
Area Cadet Pipe Band Competition
April 10, 2000 - Congratulation to the members of our Senior Pipe and Drum Band which, under the leadership of Drum Major Steve Amell and Pipe Major Devon Ajram, placed first in this year's Central Ontario Area Cadet Pipe Band Competition held on April 8th at Canadian Forces Base Borden. This was the first competition which the band has entered which makes this even more remarkable. The Band had been rehearsing since January, in particular to bring up the standard of their drill and deportment to that required of a military band, and this regard benefitted greatly from the regular assistance of Sgt Chris Reesor, Drum Major of the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipe Band. Over 60 cadets now particpate in the cadet Piping and Drumming program at SAC under the professional leadership of our Director of Piping and Drumming, Jim McGillivray.

OPS Amateur Knock Out Piping Competition
January 24, 2000 - Congratulations to Hugh Dowell. On Saturday afternoon, Hugh and I travelled to Fort York Armouries so he could compete in the first round of the Ontario Piper's Society amateur 'Knockout' competition. There were two levels of competition -- the combined Grade 3/4 level and the combined Grade 1/2 level, which is the highest level. As this was Hugh's first competition, he played at the Grade 3/4 level against 13 other competitors. Hugh was cool and in control and played a superb performance. He was among six chosen to advance to the second round which will be held in March. In fact, the judge told me afterward that Hugh was easily the best player in the contest. Many of the spectators were remarking on the poise and musicality of "that St. Andrew's boy." Well done, Hugh, and good luck in the second round!

Cadet BHQ Appointments & Promotions for 2000
January 7, 2000 - Major Stephens, Commanding Officer, is very pleased to announce the following appointments and promotions effective immediately:

  • Lt Ryan Brandham is appointed Cadet Commanding Officer and promoted to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel;
  • Lt Iain Myrans is appointed Deputy Commanding Officer and promote to Cadet Major;
  • Lt Wyn-Ron Cheong is appointed Adjutant and promoted to Cadet Captain.

Congratulations to each of these gentlemen and I look forward to working with them to ensure the success of this training year.

Flag Party Appointments for 2000
January 7, 2000 - Major Stephens, Commanding Officer, is please to announce the following appointments to the Cadet Flag Party under the Flag Party Commander, c/Lieutenant Brian Chisholm, and associated promotions:

  • Acting Sergeant Nick Middleton (2IC)
  • Corporal Michael Kim
  • Corporal Ian Sinclair
  • Corporal Ryan Devald
  • Corporal Ross Marshall

November Drumming Qualifications and Promotions
November 25, 1999 - Major Stephens, Commanding Officer, is pleased to announce the following cadet qualifications and promotions effective immediately:

  • Qualified Drummer Level II and promoted Lance Corporal:
    • Drummer Peter Mang
      Drummer Peter Wan
      Drummer Samuel Hsu
      Drummer Joon Hee Yu
      Drummer Michael Bottomley
      Drummer Ali Lakhami
      Drummer Jeremy Lee
      Drummer Joseph Leung
      Drummer Soung Hun Lee

  • Qualified Drummer Level III and promoted Corporal:
    • Lance Corporal Tom Haney
      Drummer Nhi Le

  • Qualified Drummer Level IV and promoted Master Corporal:
    • Corporal Warren Lowe
      Corporal Ivor Skala

  • Qualified Drummer Level III:
    • Sergeant Paul Perrier
      Warrant Officer Iain Rogers

Piping Competition Results
November 20, 1999 - Corporal Merv Frame played his first piping competition on Saturday in Toronto.  Playing in Grade 5, which is the introductory level for new competitors, Merv took first at a Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario solo competition at Fort York Armoury. Pipe Sergeant Andrew Douglas won the 6/8 march event at the George Sherriff Amateur Invitational event in Hamilton.  This is the premier amateur piping event on the continent, and Andrew did well to win one of four events against competitors much older than him -- some in their early 20s. He finished fourth overall.

November Piping Qualifications and Promotions
November 18, 1999 - Major Stephens, Commanding Officer, is pleased to announce the following cadet qualifications and promotions effective immediately:

  • Qualified Piping Level II and promoted Lance Corporal:
    • Piper Randall Blom
      Piper Allan Bean
      Piper Charles Long
      Piper R.J. Ellis
      Piper Austin Ball

  • Qualified Piping Level III and promoted Corporal:
    • Piper Alladin Diakun
      Piper Derek Toms
      Piper Derek Kocik
      Piper Fred Tang
      Piper Ross Lin
      Piper Patrick McGrath
      Piper Luis Leong
      Piper Drewe MacIver
      Piper Merv Frame

  • Qualified Piping Level IV and promoted Master Corporal:
    • Piper Hugh Dowell

  • Qualified Piping Level III:
    • Warrant Officer Devon Ajram

  • Qualified Piping Level V:
    • Sergeant Andrew Douglas (Headmaster's Piper)

Santa Claus Parade Top Band
Monday November 15, 1999 - On Saturday November 13th as the lead band, the Pipes and Drums participated in the Santa Claus Parade for the first time in many years and were awarded the best band in the parade by the Mayor of Aurora! Congratulations and well done!

Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremonies
Friday November 14, 1999 - Five cadets participated with our affiliated unit the 48th Highlanders of Canada in their Remembrance Day Parade held on November 7th, 1999. This included the laying of a wreath jointly with the cadets of the 48th Highlanders Cadet Corps at the 48th Memorial in Queen's Park. Congratulations to Lt Roger Romses, Lt Jason Wong, Lt Wyn-Ron Cheong, Cpl Andrew Martin and Cpl Zaki Thobani who represented us very well on this occasion.

On the same day, Lt Iain Myrans and Drummer Jeremy Lee layed a wreath on behalf of the College at the Aurora Cenotaph as part of the Aurora Legion Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Thanks also to Ken Ryans for his support on this day.

On Thursday November 11th, while the college was conducting our own ceremony, Piper Hugh Dowell was the duty piper for another brief ceremony at the Aurora Cenotaph.

October Cadet Promotions
October 24, 1999 - Major Stephens, Commanding Officer is pleased to announce the following cadet promotions effective immediately:

  • MWO Wyn-Ron Cheong is promoted Lieutenant.
  • Cadet Stephen Gariepy is promoted Acting Sergeant and appointed Battalion Bugler.
  • Cadet Jason Kaptyn is promoted Acting Sergeant and appointed Chief Battalion Clerk.
  • Cadets Brandon Wilson and Andrew McNabb are promoted Acting Master Corporals and appointed Battalion Clerks.

Ontario Rifle Association Competition Results
September 19, 1999 - Congratulations to Cadet Lt Roger Romses who very successfully competed on this past weekend at the Ontario Rifle Association .303 (large bore) shooting competition and placed first overall in the Grand Aggregate as well as a variety of individual matches including both 100 yd matches.

The only down side was his competing as a member of his "other" cadet corps - #2799 (Queen's York Ranger's) Aurora. However since our own shooting team is only just being revived, we can't really complain. And with Roger's help, the #2799 also placed first as a team.

Well done!

Cadet Promotions
September 15, 1999 - Major Stephens, Commanding Officer is pleased to announce the following cadet promotions effective immediately:

  • MWO Roger Romses is promoted Lieutenant - Roger is a NSCE qualified Gold Star cadet and outstanding marksman having served as a participant in the National Cadet Rifle Team for the past two years. He joins us from 2799 Queen's York Ranger's Cadet Corps in Aurora.
  • Sgt Jason Wong is promoted Lieutenant - Lt Wong successfully completed the six week Cadet Leader course this past summer at Canadian Forces Base Borden.
  • Sgt Ryan Brandham is promoted Lieutenant
  • A/Sgt Brian Chisholm is promoted A/Lieutenant and appointed Acting Flag Party Commander
  • Cdt Richard Goldhar is promoted Sergeant and appointed Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS)

Pipe Band Appointments for 1999/2000
June 7, 1999 - Acting Major J. Stephens, CD, Commanding Officer, and Mr J. McGillivray, Director of Piping, are pleased to announced the promotions and appointments of Warrant Officer Devon Ajram as Pipe Major and Headmaster's Piper Sergeant Andrew Douglas as Pipe Sergeant effective June 18, 1999. In addition Piper Mervyn Frame is promoted Corporal also effective June 18, 1999. 

Master Warrant Officer Steve Amell and Sergeant Paul Perrier will continue for a second year as Drum Major and Drum Sergeant respectively.

Cadet Awards for 1998/1999
May 9, 1999 - The following cadet awards were presented at the Annual Inspection held on May 8th, 1999:

  • The Ellsworth Cup: Award to the Best Platoon - to Platoon #8 commanded by Cadet Lt Jean-Paul Tuzi, assisted by Cadet Sgt Jason Cheung.
  • Award to the Best Company - to Memorial Company Commanded by Cadet Capt Chester Lo and Cadet MWO Alex Christie.
  • Award to the Best Middle School Cadet - Cadet Jeremy Lee
  • The J.L. Wright Trophy: Award to the Best Upper School Cadet - Corporal Kent Pitkin
  • Best Grade Nine Cadet - David Milne

Ontario Amateur Piping Competition
April, 1999 - Congratulation to Headmaster's Piper, Lance Corporal Andrew Douglas (Grade 8), who recently won the final round and championship of the Ontario Pipers and Pipe Band Society's annual "Knockout" solo piping competition in Toronto. Andrew whupped two other finalists to take the title. This pretty much confirms Andrew as Ontario's elite amateur piper and as unquestionably one of the best amateur pipers in North America!

New Appointments Announced
March 10th, 1999 - Mr E. Staunton, Headmaster announced two appointments for 1999/2000:

  • Capt J.M. Stephens, C.D. will be appointed Commanding Officer and promoted Acting Major upon the retirement of Maj G.R. Smith, C.D. at the 1999 Annual Inspection. Maj Smith has served as the Commanding Officer since 1990. Capt Stephens has previously served as Commanding Officer of the Cadet Corps at Upper Canada College and Trinity College School before joining the staff of St. Andrew's College Cadet Corps in 1991.

  • Capt Brian McCue will join the College full time as a resident don and as the Corps Training and Administration Officer. Capt McCue is currently the Commanding Officer of the 48th Highlanders Cadet Corps and has been providing drum instruction at St. Andrew's during 1998/1999.

48th Highlanders Change of Command
February 28, 1998 - On Friday February 26th, 1999 LCol George Turner, C.D. succeeded LCol Ian Cameron, C.D. as Commanding Officer of the 48th Highlanders of Canada. At parade conducted at Moss Park Armoury in Toronto, our Corps was was represented  by Maj. G. Smith, C.D., Capt. J. M. Stephens, C.D., c/Maj Kent Tsuji and c/Capt Chester Lo.