Facts About Andreans
in the First World War

Old Boys known to have served: 653
Current or former masters and staff known to have served: 21
First Andrean to die: Lieutenant F. C. Andrews.
Youngest Andreans to die: Flight Sub Lieutenant Theodore Charles May and Private E. R. Winter were both 18 years of age at the time of their deaths
Oldest Andrean to die:  
Last Andrean to die:  
Andreans known to have been wounded:  
Andreans known to have been Prisoners of War:  
Andreans who served in the
First & Second World Wars

Fallen Andreans of the First World War
Killed in Action or Died of Wounds Died in an Accident Died of an Illness Unknown Total
73 6 15 9 104
70.2% 5.8% 14.4% 8.7% 100%