First World War
Andreans Listed by Element and Branch

Andreans served in virtually every element of the First World War on land, on the sea and in the air and in the Canadian, British and Americans forces. These pages are an attempt to list Andrean service in the various elements and branches.

The primary source for this information was the June 1919 "Memorial Issue" of The Review. Unfortunately this may not be the most accurate information, is somewhat inconsistent and in some cases the abbreviations used are also unclear. It also does not necessarily reflect those who changed elements and units during the war - in particular those who left the Canadian Expeditionary Force either by transfer, secondment or resignation, and joined the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Naval Air Service. Where more definitive information has been found, it is used of course. Additional sources include the Canadian Virtual War Memorial, the attestation papers in the National Archives, and the University of Toronto Roll of Honour.

As a result, this is a tentative listing and an ongoing project and some Andreans may rightfully be listed in more than one section!

On the Sea

On Land

In the Air