Flying Officer R. E. MacKerrow, DFC
SAC 1928-1934

Born 1915 in Toronto, Flying Officer Robert East MacKerrow attended St. Andrew's College from 1928 to 1934.

He was living in Kleinburg, Ontario and working as a lawyer when he enlisted in Toronto, on 20 February 1942. He trained at No.5 ITS (graduated 26 September 1942), No.13 EFTS, No.3 AOS (graduated 12 April 1943) and No.8 BGS (graduated 21 August 1943). Mackerrow was commissioned on October 1943 and served in No. 432 Squadron

He was mentioned in dispatches in June 1945 and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in on 23 November 1945. The DFC itself was sent by registered mail, on 21 December 1949.  Unit identified in Air Force Routine Orders only as "Overseas"; proper unit identified in DHist file 181.009 D.1725 (PAC RG.24 Box 2067).  DHist file 181.009 D.1719 (PAC RG.24 Vol.20606) has recommendation forwarded to No.6 Group Headquarters, 3 February 1945 (see below.).

Distinguished Flying Cross

"As Air Bomber, this officer has completed twenty-nine successful operational sorties over enemy territory.  Throughout, he has displayed the greatest keenness and his example of courage and determination has been of a high order.  For his outstanding record of achievement and devotion to duty, Flying Officer MacKerrow is strongly recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross (Non-Immediate)."

Award effective 23 November 1945 as per London Gazette dated 7 December 1945
and AFRO 244/46 dated 8 March 1946

Mentioned in Dispatches

Recommendation: "On all operational sorties this officer, in his capacity as Air Bomber, has displayed skilful airmanship and rendered meritorious service.  The Air Bombers in the squadron have been inspired by his calm and quiet manner and fine offensive spirit in action."

Award effective 14 June 1945 as per London Gazette of that date
and AFRO 1478/45 dated 21 September 1945