Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Lovering, MBE
SAC 1921-1924

Lieutenant Colonel William Langston Lovering attended St. Andrew's College from 1921 to 1924.

Member, Order of the British Empire

"This officer participated in the initial phase of the invasion of Europe as a staff officer on Headquarters 3 Canadian Infantry Division were he performed his duties highly satisfactorily. On 11 August 1944 he was appointed General Staff Officer Grade II (Staff Duties) on Headquarters 2 Canadian Corps. In this latter appointment he has carried on an intricate and difficult task in an efficient and highly commendable manner and has set an excellent example to others in that regard. His knowledge of the special equipment used by this Corps during operations on the Scheldt Estuary and his perseverance in obtaining this equipment and arranging for its distribution to formations and units concerned contributed importantly to the success of those operations."
Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 17 March 1945
and CARO/5466 dated 19 March 1945
Mentioned in Dispatches
Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 9 March 1946
and CARO/6431 dated 8 March 1946