Captain Warren D. Nelson, MC
SAC 1906-1913

Captain Warren Davidson Nelson of Montreal, Quebec attended St. Andrew's College from 1906 to 1913.

He served with the 4th Division Trench Mortar Battery, Canadian Field Artillery and was awarded a Military Cross.

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Military Cross
Military Cross
“This officer had charge of a battery of 6-inch mobile Newton trench mortars, and was following close up to the 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade. On October 20, 1918 in front of Denain, this officer quickly observed that our infantry were being held up at I.6.d.7.8.  Advancing his mortars to a point close up, he quickly opened fire on the enemy at a range of 400 yards. His fire was effective and so accurate that the complete garrison were thrown into confusion and began to run away. Our infantry, taking advantage of the situation, advance and captured the garrison complete, consisting of one officer, fifty other ranks, and five machine guns. It was due to Lt Nelson’s quickness of action and his deadly mortar fire which brought these results, and thus enabled the advance to proceed. He showed a complete disregard of personal danger, and the greatest determination to carry out his task.”
Awarded as per the London Gazette 12/10/19 and the Canada Gazette 01/17/20, P2189