Captain Arnold B. Massey, AFC
SAC 1906-1908

Captain Arnold Bonnell Massey was born in Toronto on 26 July 1897, son of A. L. and Mary Ethel Massy and attended St. Andrew's College from 1906 through February 1908. He eventually matriculated at the University of Toronto where he was a noted athlete.

He originally enlisted in the University Company of the Canadian Field Artillery on April 18, 1916 where he rose to the rank of Sergeant, but later transferred to the Royal Naval Air Service on 14 March 1917 and completed his training in June. He was stationed throughout the United Kingdom such as Kellinghome, Calshot and Houton Bay. He retired as a Captain and was awarded the Air Force Cross for his services.

  • appointed Probationary Flight Officer, RNAS, Ottawa, 14 March 1917;
  • Royal Aero Club Certificate No.4941, 28 June 1917;
  • Flight Sub-Lieutenant, 25 July, 1917. 
  • At Eastbourne, 29 April 1917;
  • at Cranwell, 9 June 1917;
  • to Kellinghome, 27 July 1917 (under instruction);
  • to Calshot, 10 September 1917;
  • to Kellingholme, 15 October 1917;
  • to Houton Bay, 16 May 1918;
  • to Air Ministry (Marine Experimental Station, Grain), 7 November 1918.

He joined is fatherís company, A. L. Massey & Company in 1920 and remained with them until his death 17 February 1936.

Air Force Cross

"In recognition of distinguished services."

November 11, 1918