Lieutenant George R. Kappele
SAC 1903-1907

Lieutenant George Reece Kappele was born in Toronto, Ontario about 1891, the son of George Robert Kappele, K.C., and Kate Reece, of 235 Lonsmount Drive, Forest Hill, Toronto, Ontario. He was the brother of Lieutenant Ernest Reece Kappele who also died in the First World War. He attended St. Andrew's College from 1903 to 1907.

He may have served in the Cycle Corps during World War I however there is no record of his enlistment found to date.

An obituary notice noted that George Reece Kappele fatally injured himself while attempting to kill a bat in his home in Toronto on July 14, 1915. He apparently shot himself in the head. He is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ont. (Ca. Space 7)