Sergeant Charles D. Hamilton, MM
SAC 1907-1910

Born in Peterborough, January 31, 1895, son of Ellen Nora Hamilton, #512317 Sergeant Charles Donald Hamilton attended St. Andrew's College from 1907 to 1910.

Employed as salesman when the Empire went to war in 1914 he enlisted in the Governor-General's Body Guards as a Private. He transferred to the Canadian Army Service Corps in February 1916 and went overseas in May. Upon arrival in France he stayed with the Service Corps, involved with the 2nd division's motor transport, reaching the rank of Sergeant. In May 1917 he transferred to 4 Canada Field Ambulance where he was awarded the Military Medal and Bar. He returned home in May 1919 and was demobilized.

  • Copy of WWI Attestation Paper (National Archives) - Front - Back

After WW2 broke out he enrolled in the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps' Officer's course and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in November 1940. He went on to serve in various posts around Canada until he resigned his commission in May 1941 in hopes of going overseas sooner. He achieved just that in October when he arrived in England as a Corporal. He joined the 42nd General Transport Company in March 1942 and was promoted to Sergeant in August of that year. In April 1944 he was appointed to the 2nd Division Headquarters and went on to Canadian Military Headquarters the following April. He finally returned to Canada and was discharged on 15 November 1946.

Hamilton had two sons, one wounded in the service. Major Hugh K. Hamilton.

Military Medal
Military Medal with Bar


Awarded as per London Gazette 31430 dated 3 July 1919.