Captain Grant A. Gooderham
SAC 1906-1910

Grant Armstrong Gooderham was born in Toronto on January 8, 1892 [the son of Edward George Gooderham and  Minnie Eleanor Armstrong]. He attended St. Alban's School before entering St. Andrew's College in September 1906, going into Form III. His removals were obtained with regularity. In 1909 he obtained the 2nd prize in General Proficiency in his Form. He matriculated into the Faculty of Applied Science in the University of Toronto in June 1910, and graduated from there in 1914, where he also served in the Canadian Officer Training Corps.

In the spring of 1915 he entered the aviation branch of the Royal Navy known as the Royal Naval Air Service) and received his commission in July 1915.  In September 1915, he was ranked as a Flying Sub Lieutenant. He went to France in April 1916 joining the 1st Squadron, No. 1 Wing, and served in the Dunkerque and Somme areas till February 1917.  In November or December 1916 Gooderham was promoted to Flight Lieutenant.  After a period in England, when he was attached to the Royal Flying Corps Testing Squadron, he returned to the front in Jun 1917, but in August was declared physically unfit for further active service flying, and came home on leave. Although he was not in good health, he returned to England in January 1918, and was employed in technical and instructional work till the end of the war. In April 1918 he was promoted Captain in the new Royal Air Force.

In January 1919, he was home on sick leave, his health evidently having suffered from the long and severe strain. Early in May he wandered away from home while suffering from loss of memory and on June 9th his body was found in the Eastern Gap. He wore himself out in the service of his country, and must be counted with those of our Old Boys who have given their all in the great struggle. There will be a real sorrow in the hearts of many old SAC boys at the knowledge that Grant Gooderham has gone. He was always keen in class and athletic activities. When at school he had many friends and was deservedly a most popular boy.

His second cousin, Colonel Melville Stuart Gooderham, attended St. Andrew's College from 1901-1910.

  • Passed tests at Toronto Curtiss School, 12 July 1915; 
  • Appointed Probationary Flight Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service, in Ottawa, 13 July 1915. 
  • At Chingford, 8 August 1915; 
  • At Whitley Bay Air Station, 17 September 1915 (flew anti-submarine and airship patrols); 
  • To No.1 Wing, Dunkirk, 29 April 1916; 
  • To Dover, 7 June 1916; to Air Department, N.A.D., 17 March 1917; 
  • To No.55 TDS, 7 November 1918; 
  • To unemployed list, 9 April 1919; 
  • Drowned in Toronto Bay, 2 May 1919 at aged 27. 
NOTE: All the awards credited him are also questioned, as he seems to have spent a great deal of time on sick leave; much of his time also seems to have been on instructional and technical work. Diligent search of London Gazettes for 1917-1919 confirms none of his awards; Nevertheless, a memo dated 25 April 1917 (found in Public Records Office Air 1/74) lists a number of awards (including the DSC's to P.S. Fisher and D.A.H. Nelles, gazetted 12 May 1917) and provides the following citation:
"For consistently good work for the last ten months in carrying out coastal  reconnaissances and fighter patrols, for our own and French machines." 
Mention in Despatches - awarded as per London Gazette dated 12 May 1917 (#30066).
Mention in Despatches - awarded as per London Gazette dated 28 November 1917. 
Mention in Despatches - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 March 1918. 
Croix de Guerre (France) - awarded as per London Gazette dated 21 September 1918. 
Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1919.

With information from his obituary in the June 1919 Issue of the St Andrew's College Review, and from the "University of Toronto, Roll of Honour, 1914-1918.".