Major Robert Hobbs, CD
SAC 1986-1991

Major Robert Hobbs attended St. Andrew's College for five years and was a Prefect. In his final year he was the Deputy Cadet Commanding Officer with the rank of Cadet Major.

He graduated from the University of Western Ontario and joined the Canadian Army as a Second Lieutenant, serving with the Royal Canadian Regiment. In August 1996 he took his platoon on an exchange program to England.

He was promoted to Captain in 1997. From March to October 2004 he deployed with the NATO Stabilization Force to Bosnia.  While there Rob was promoted to the rank of Major, and assumed the position of the Deputy Commanding Officer for the international Liaison Observation Team, as part of the Multinational Brigade North West.  In August of 2004 he was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD), and at the completion of his tour was awarded the NATO Medal for Service in the Balkans and the Canadian Forces Peace Keeping Medal.  He is currently working at the Headquarters for 31 Canadian Brigade Group in London Ontario (May 2005).