Louis C. J. Heit
SAC 1940-1941

Louis Heit was born in Toronto in 1928 and attended St. Andrew's College from 1940 to 1941. Although gifted and fortunate in many respects, those closest to him understood the depth of his courage and loyalty. Stricken with polio at age ten, he missed a year of school.

Undaunted, At St. Andrew's he applied himself to the extra self-study required to accelerate a grade and recover his lost year. Though passionate about football, he was not allowed to play because of the lingering effects of polio, so instead he became a student coach. However, gifted with athletic ability he excelled in many other sports including squash and golf which he enjoyed into his adult life. He then attended the University of Toronto.

While too young to fight in the Second World War, Louis joined the Canadian Naval Reserve in 1956 during the build-up of the Cold War. He served for two years in Toronto and Esquimault, British Columbia based from the battleship the “Ontario”.

His professional accomplishments were numerous. He worked through successive positions in engineering, sales and marketing for Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, Standard Chemical and Noranda Mines. However, the pride of his professional life was representing Sumitomo Chemical of Japan through his company Heit & Associates.

Louis passed away on April 12, 2005. He was the loving husband to Noël Friday, his life-partner for 46 years, and father to Joseph ’79, Andrew ’80, Sally, Matthew and Ann-Marie. He was adored by his grandchildren Scott, Glen, Rebecca, Elise and Nicholas.