Lieutenant Derrick Gray
SAC 1993-1994

Derrick Gray attended St. Andrew's College for his final year of high school in 1993-1994 and because of his extensive Air Cadet experience, was appointed Company Commander of Memorial House Company.

Lieutenant Derrick Gray joined the Canadian Military as a Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer  in June 1996 and received his commission the following year.  He was promoted to Captain and In June 2001, became Commanding Officer of 110 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron until June 2004. 

He then transferred to the Primary Reserves (Militia) where he is currently a Logistics Officer with 7 Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery.  Due to assuming a new trade he reverted back to the rank of Lieutenant.

Derrick is now working for BBM Canada as Manager, Sample Design and Control overseeing the national TV and Radio Ratings.