Captain Clifton Carr, CD
SAC '70

Cliff Carr performed a wide variety of jobs during his years in the Canadian Army. After graduating from University he served as a Lieutenant with 1 Royal Canadian Regiment. After being promoted to Captain he was posted to 2 Commando in the Canadian Airborne Regiment. He eventually went to flight school and served as a peacekeeper in the Sinai flying a CH-135.

“The St. Andrew’s College Cadet Corps gave me an excellent start towards higher education. Two masters in cadets stand out very clearly over the years – Mr. Smith and Mr. Gibb had a great deal to do with shaping how I look at the world and how I react to it.”

He retired from the Army in September 1991 and devoted his time to improving his golf handicap and pursing a Master’s Degree in Astronomy.

Canadian Forces Decoration