Cadet CWO Andrew J. Douglas
Cadet Pipe Major 2001-2003
Headmaster's Piper 1998-2003

Cadet Pipe Major CWO Andrew DouglasA native of Syracuse, New York, Andrew burst onto the St. Andrew's College piping scene in Grade 8 and was immediately named "Headmaster's Piper". he was taught piping at age 8 by his father, Bruce Douglas. He subsequently went to master teacher Donald Lindsay before coming to the school to study with Jim McGillivray who had recognized his talent some years before while teaching Andrew at summer schools.

Andrew competed very successfully as an amateur, winning the prestigious Nicol Brown Chalice in 1998, and was upgraded to the Open competitive class at the remarkable age of just 16.

He was named St. Andrew's Pipe Major in 2001. At the same time he was recruited by the legendary Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, winners of four World Championships since 1995, who few him to practices in Vancouver during the winters. He will attend university there in the fall of 2003.

Though well known as a marvelous piper by the students and staff at the College, few know the true extend of his talent and skill in the grand scheme of things. As a competitor, composer, arranger and pure performer, he is perhaps the rising talent on the world piping scene, and Piping Director Jim McGillivray calls him "by far the most talented and accomplished 18-year old I've encountered in my nearly 40 years of piping."  In 2002, Andrew composed the 4/4 March - 142 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps (mp3 Practice Chanter recording.) You can also hear also hear his Gaelic Airs and Reels solo from the 2002 Annual Carol Service at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Toronto.

The leadership and creativity Andrew displayed during the making of the Band CD recording in 2003, bodes well for his future as a Pipe Major.

Andrew competed in "The MacGregor", the world's premier piping competition for pipers age 21 and under, held at 2004 The Argyllshire Gathering in Oban, Scotland and won. Andrew also won one of the more significant professional piping events that day as well.  This followed hot on the heels of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band placing a strong 2nd at the World Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow, with which Andrew currently plays.

After leaving St. Andrew's, Andrew studied music at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and in 2006, released a debut piping solo recording titled "Expression", which he wrote, produced and engineered entirely by himself.  You can find out more at his website.