The I.O.D.E. Trophy for the Best
Middle (Lower) School Cadet

The “I.O.D.E. Trophy” for the Best Middle School Cadet has been donated this year by the 48th Chapter of the I.O.D.E. in honour of our 100th anniversary.

If you can fill in any of the missing recipients, please email the names our webmaster.
1956 D. R. Stamper Became c/Commanding Officer  and c/Lieutenant Colonel in 1960
1957 R. L.Gerrard  
1958 L. M. Yanguela  
1959 J. L. Coulter, M. A. Linsell  
1960 R. G. Ballard I  
1961 Please let us know!  
1962 G. E. Lathrop  
1963 G. E. Mason  
1964 C. J. Warburton  
1965 L. W. Peter  
1966 G. L. Blackshaw  
1967 D. M. Jackson  
1968 D. J. Toogood  
1969 J. Peters  
1970 M. J. Carter II  
1971 D. G. Buick  
1972 W. J. S. Sterling  
1973 P. J. Henderson II  
1974 M.S. Carpenter  
1975 A. J. Legorreta  
1976 A. J. Legorreta  
1977 D. D. Omstead IV  
1978 Please let us know!  
1979 Please let us know!  
1980 Please let us know!  
1981 D. Mason  
1982 G. D. Oliver  
1983 Please let us know!  
1984 T. S. Gaskey  
1985 S. A. Rodrigues  
1986 Please let us know!  
1987 Please let us know!  
1988 Please let us know!  
1989 Please let us know!  
1990 Please let us know!  
1991 Justin Linquist  
1992 Mark D. Newton Became Deputy Commanding Officer and c/Major in 1997
1993 Alex R. Camargo Became Regimental Sergeant Major and c/Chief Warrant Officer in 1998
1994 Ian J. Rogers Became c/Lieutenant and Platoon Commander in 2000
1995 Iain D.C. Myrans Became c/Major & Deputy Commanding Officer in 2000
1996 C. Claxton  
1997 John R. Lennox Became c/Chief Warrant Officer & Regimental Sergeant Major in 2002
1998 Ryan Lo Became c/Lieutenant and Platoon Commander in 2003
1999 David Milnes  
2000 Andres Rivadeneyra  
2001 Jay Smith Became c/Lieutenant and Platoon Commander in 2005
2002 Dylan Baker Became c/LCol and Commanding Officer in 2008
2003 Richard Housser  
2004 Colin Noble  
2005 Seung Wan (Ted) Ha  
2006 Hilmond Hui  
2007 Ben Hanlon  
2008 Michael Sifton  
2009 Erik Kimmerer