Timeless "Corps" Values
by Ted Staunton, Headmaster
, taken from the Spring 2005 Andrean

At Faculty meetings over the years, I have addressed a number of important topics: themes for the school year, such as integrity, community, and pride; the advantages of single gender schools; the characteristics of effective schools; and trends in independent school education, to name a few. This year, my focus has been on the significant role that the Cadet program at St. Andrew's College plays in the formation of character and other essential values. In May, the Andrean community will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the #142 St. Andrew’s College Highland Cadet Corps which has been an integral part of the Andrean heritage since 1905. While the Cadet program at S.A.C. has changed dramatically over the years, its mission is still the development of strong leadership skills, good citizenship and physical fitness.

The Cadet Corps supports and compliments the school’s mission: “Dedicating ourselves to the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen.” In order to fulfill this ambitious mission statement, we have invested heavily in the creation of various “Centers of Excellence”, the Cadet Program being one of them. Five types of high quality and relevant activities now constitute the program: the Royal Canadian Army Cadet  Star Training Program; the Cadet Music Programs, including the flourishing Pipes & Drums Band and the Cadet Military Band. How proud we all are of our pipers and drummers when we watch them each year march down Jarvis Street. Is there anything more stirring than hearing 30 bagpipes played in perfect unison on the quad each May?

The program also offers Cadet Optional Programs, including rock climbing, SCUBA instruction, St. John’s Ambulance training and driver’s education; Cadet Special Programs, including marksmanship, biathlon, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program; and Cadet Ceremonial Events, which includes compulsory preparation for key school events such as Cadets in Concert, the Annual Church Parade and the Inspection in May. The Cadet Program even offers two approved Ministry of Education Grade 11 credits - Leadership and Peer Support, and Music Repertoire.